Monday, June 22, 2020

The Last Days of the Last Prophet of God

 by நாகூர் ரூமி
The thing that is the most common among all the Prophets of God and His Saints is that they all know time of their passing away from this world. I have written in detail about this in my article entitled ‘The Common Characteristics of Saints’.

When this is the case with all the Saints, will not the Final Messenger of God know about it? He did know about it even a year before his demise. When he sent his Companion Muadh Ibn Jabal to Yemen as Governor, he gave him some advices and asked him to abide by them for, he said, when he returns from Yemen the next year, he will not be alive! He could have known it even before a year. And we do have many clues to this fact in his life.

இறுதித் திருநபியின் இறுதி நாட்கள்It is at this juncture that I got a Tamil book entitled இறுதித்திருநபியின் இறுதி நாட்கள் (The Last Days of the Last Holy Prophet) available from Many of the biographies of the Prophet do describe his last days in them in some detail. But I have not come across an entire book dedicated to his demise alone.

Immediately I downloaded the book and read it from the first page to the last. Many wonderful and hair-rising incidents have been descried in it regarding the demise of the beloved Prophet. It was authored by one late M.S. Muhammadu Thambi. The famous author M.R.M. Abur-Rahim has given a foreword also to it.

Some of the indications from his life that Prophet Muhammad would leave this world soon:


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