Saturday, February 14, 2015

Persian Mahabharata, rare manuscripts at Jamia Nizamia

By Mohammed Shafeeq,
Hyderabad : Tucked away in the dingy lanes of the old city of Hyderabad is a hoary institute of Islamic learning whose prized possessions include a Persian translation of the Mahabharata and rare Islamic manuscripts.

Located at Shibli Gunj, some three kilometres west of historic Charminar, the 144-year-old Islamic university still stands tall. Equated with Al Azhar University of Cairo for its standard of education, Jamia Nizamia has about 3,000 manuscripts including the over 400-year-old translation of the Mahabharata and books written by renowned Indian and Arabic Islamic scholars.

Translated by Abu’l-Fazal, one of the navratnas (nine jewels) of Mughal emperor Akbar’s royal court, the Mahabharta runs into 5,012 pages. It was in the personal collection of Moulana Mohammad Anwarullah Farooqui, the founder of Jamia, the biggest seminary in southern India.

“He felt a library should have all types of books and students should study other religions,” Shaikul Jamia or head of the university Mufti Khalil Ahmed told IANS.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Khelil Helwa (Hebron is beautiful)

Filmmaker and activist, Yuval Orr, has created a nine minute documentary giving an in-depth view of life in Hebron, a Palestinian city located in the southern West Bank. The film follows a 15-year-old boy, Awni Abu Shamsiya, as he struggles with everyday life in this volatile region.
Hebron is the only Palestinian city with an Israeli settlement within it. Conflicts between Palestinian civilians, Israeli soldiers and Jewish-Israeli settlers happen on a daily basis. There is a long history of violence here, including some of the worst civilian-led massacres committed by both sides since the beginning of the Jewish-Arab conflict.

In a recent report, Israeli soldiers carried out a predawn arrest campaign; arresting eight Palestinians from towns and cities across the West Bank. This included Hebron, where 23-year-old student, Abed Arraouf Ghnimat, was arrested from the town of Surif. While it was reported that an instructor at An-Najah National University and an editor for the online news website, Huna al-quds, were among those arrested, it would seem many of them were youths.
Orr’s film gives a heartbreaking view into the life of one youth in this area. Although only nine minutes long, the film clearly shows the reality of life in Hebron through the eyes of a teenage Palestinian in a way that leaves the viewer open to come to their own conclusions.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nearly 40% of Muslim world’s population unable to read or write: Study

Jeddah (IINA) – Illiteracy is stunningly rampant in the Muslim world. Nearly 40 percent, (with varying percentages in the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) of the Muslim world’s population cannot read or write, which means that there are hundreds of millions of illiterates in the OIC countries, mostly female, according to a report prepared by OIC and obtained by the International Islamic News Agency (IINA).The report showed that adult literacy rate in the OIC countries is roughly 73 percent, lower than the global adult literacy rate (82 percent), and the rate of other developing countries (85 percent), based on 2013 statistics.

Whoever gives up_something_for_the_sake_of_allah

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


My feelings are only with me
I can't feel what other do
But everyone has feelings
Not able to feel the feeling of others

Everyone is in his own kingdom
Hiding in their old rock castle mind
Each step takes deep in the dungeon
Its full of darkness and no light

Breaking the circle to come out
See the dawn every morning
Breath the nature's fresh breeze
To feel the Mother Nature's love

Get the confusion cleared instantly
By feeling part of blue sky
Flouting clouds, running Rivers,
Mountains in the gift of Nature!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boost Your Immune System For The Winter

The cold days of the winter months in particular, see a rise in respiratory tracts infections such as colds and flu. So as winter approaches, it's worth taking steps to boost your immunity.

If you are fit and your immune system is healthy, your body can often fight off infections that cause upper respiratory infections without developing sniffles, coughs, sneezes or sore throats. It is usually when the body is lacking in nutrients, stressed or feeling tired and run down, that symptoms tend to strike.

Power of Sacrifice Can Change Lives

The Importance of Sacrifice to Our Careers -
The power of sacrifice can change lives.In order to do anything and be someone of great substance you need to learn how to sacrifice.
One of the greatest causes of failure in life is the inability to make sacrifices.


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