Saturday, June 28, 2014

France building more than 100 mosques

Colin Randall

On official estimates, the number of mosques in France has already doubled from 1,000 in a decade

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, 11 Sept. 2011

Between 100 and 150 new mosques are being built in France as Europe's biggest Muslim community seeks to end the controversial practice of people praying in the street because of a lack of places of worship.

Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Muslim Council of France (CFCM), said the projects were at various stages, from design to near-completion. France is estimated to have up to seven million Muslims out of a total population of 65 million.

Most of the money comes from French Muslims, with much less help coming from overseas than in the past, Mr Moussaoui told the French radio station RTL in an interview to mark Ramadan.


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