Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bio-Pharm 2014 International Conference held at Dr. Zakir Husain College

Some pictures of the Bio-Pharm 2014 International Conference held at Dr. Zakir Husain College, Ilayangudi on September 10, 2014.  Dr. H. Allaudeen was the Chief Guest of the conference.  He released the Proceedings of the "International Conference on Bioprospecting of Natural Resources for Human Health".

Muslim boys died saving Hindu girl from drowning

Grief united people of different religion in UP's most communally sensitive town Moradabad came together for the funeral of two Muslim youths who died trying to rescue a Hindu girl, Suman from drowning, although they could not save her.

The three bodies were recovered by the Army after a 36-hour operation on Sunday ¬ Danish and Noman have become martyrs in the eyes of Hindus and Muslims alike.

While Hindu women showered petals from rooftops as the funeral procession of the two young men passed through the city's streets, men from the community lent a shoulder to their `janaza.' “For me, the two are real-life heroes, “said Sakshi Mehrotra, a resident.

“Even if someone is dying on the road, people of this city remain mute spectators. But the boys proved life is more important than petty religious differences. “

There was heavy police deployment for the procession that began soon after special prayers for the boys. Clerics also read out prayers for the family of Suman and the jawans of the Army who had been involved in the operations.

“We hope that the communal amity which this event has triggered remains in our city, “said Ikram Qureshi, a local leader. Officials told the media that Rs 5lakh would be provided to the families of each of the deceased, besides a government job for one family member each.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jobless youth finds unlocked ATM with Rs 24 lakh, calls cops

The Hyderabad police on Saturday felicitated a youth who found the cash box of an ATM with Rs 24 lakh unlocked and called the police.

Sheikh Latif Ali had gone to withdraw Rs 200 from a State Bank of Hyderabad ATM on Friday night when he found the cash box open with no guard around. He called the police who found Rs 24 lakh in the unlocked ATM machine. It was later learnt that there was no CCTV camera.

Ali, 22, completed his B.Tech (Electrical) this year and lives in a men’s hostel in Sanjeev Reddy Nagar. On Friday, he went to the ATM at State Bank of Hyderabad’s main branch in S R Nagar with two of his friends. “There was no guard outside and I did not find anything unusual. I inserted the card to withdraw Rs 200. As the machine dispensed the cash, a small door on the side of the machine fell open and currency notes fell out. I was dumbstruck as my account has not more than Rs 500. I asked my friends waiting outside to look for the security guard but they found no one,” Ali said.


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