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How Cellphones Have Shaped Lives of College Students

Based off a Facebook survey, this infographic highlights the use of cellphones amongst college students and just how the advanced technology has become part of them as much as anything else. Generation Mobile
Created by: HackCollege
by mail from Tony Shin

Nargis, born in UP, is world's 7 billionth baby

New Delhi: The United Nations announced that the world population will hit 7 billion on Monday, October 31, but could not pinpoint exactly where the child will be born.

Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, where an estimated 11 children are born every minute, is a likely candidate, with the NGO Plan International announcing the birth in Mal, 20 km from Lucknow.

A baby girl named Nargis, born to Ajay and Vineeta at 7:20 am has been named the symbolic 7 billionth baby.


Meanwhile, Philippines also welcomed the world's symbolic seven billionth baby.

Weighing 2.5 kg, Danica May Camacho, was delivered just before midnight on Sunday at Manila's Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. The parents and the baby were met by top United Nations officials in the Philippines, who presented the child with a small cake.

Local benefactors gifted the baby a scholarship grant for the child's study and a livelihood package to enable the parents to start a general store.

But India needs to worry as the country is set to become the world's most populous by 2025 at the current growth rates.

Currently, India and China account for more than one-third of the world's population.

But where China has made strides in controlling population, India's population growth continues to be explosive and will overtake China's population in 2025.

China's population will decline around 2050, whereas India's population will only begin its decline by 2060.

Four Muslims among top 100 rich Indians

By Shafeeq Rahman,
Four Muslims are listed among the top 100 rich Indians in the ranking for the year 2011, released by Forbes on 26th October 2011. Azim Premji (3rd) from IT industry Wipro, Yusuf Hamied (30th) from pharmaceutical Cipla, Habil Khorakiwala (80th) Chairman of generics maker Wockhardt and Irfan Razack (87th) from the real estate industry Prestige Estates are among the richest Indians.
Premji and Hamied are the regular persons listed in the Forbes richest person ranking for many years but Habil and Irfan are the recent entries to the Indian richest club. Shahid Balwa, Partner of DB realty and Etisalat, was also among the billionaires of 2010 ranking with the worth of $1.06 billion, but he is not in the list of 2011.
Total cumulative net worth asset of all four Muslims are $15930 million. Details of the four richest Muslims are shown in given table:
Net worth $ Million
Azim Premji
Yusuf Hamied
Habil Khorakiwala
Irfan Razack

Azim Premji
Azim Premji, prominent Indian Muslim consistently ranked in Forbes richest listing, is the head of India’s leading IT outsource agency Wipro with the worth of $13 billion which was $16.8 billion last year. Last December he was in limelight by donating $2 billion to his trust to fund his education charity which is the largest individual amount donated so far by any Indian. Premji is ranked 3rd among Indians and 36th in overall world billionaires ranking 2011. In March 2010, he was at the same position among Indian billionaires but worth of assets was $17.6 billion that is higher in comparison to 2011.

Yusuf Hamied
Yusuf Hamied & family is the renowned drug maker in India under the Cipla brand for last 75 years. His asset also declined from $1.95 billion in the year 2010 to $1.1 billion in March 2011. But they improved the business and current worth is reached to $1.75 billion. In the global ranking 2011, he is at position of 1057 among world richest.

Habil Khorakiwala
Habil Khorakiwala has the family-owned pharmaceutical business under Wockhardt brand which has the main source of revenue from the United States and Europe. Now they have entered to develop hospital infrastructure in Indian major cities. Earlier in the year 2006, he was 746th ranked among the World billionaire with the net worth of one billion.

Irfan Razack
Irfan Razack is the managing director of real estate developer Prestige Estates group. He and his younger siblings, Rezwan and Noaman, who share fortune and work with him, took company public last year, raising $240 million. Has built over 45 million square feet of commercial, retail and residential properties so far; has 61 ongoing projects covering 62 million square feet in South India.
Mukesh Ambani with worth of $22.6 billion and Lakshmi Mittal with worth of $19.2 billion are at the top among Indian richest in the ranking of 2011 but the assets of both top Indian billionaires have decreased in comparison to last year. India’s 100 richest have lost 20% of their total wealth: They are collectively worth $241 billion, down from $300 billion a year ago, due in part to a 10% decline in the Mumbai Sensex and a falling rupee.
(The writer is a professional researcher on India-centric socio-economic and political databases.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Muslim-Christian names of the Prophets believed by the Ahl-e Kitab

Prophets of People of the Book - Ahl-e Kitab
Arabic English Equivalent
Adam Adam
Nuh Noah
Ibrahim Abraham
Ismail Ishmael
Ishaq Isaac
Lut Lot
Dawood David
Ayoub Job
Yaqoub Jacob
Sulaiman Solomon
Talut Saul
Uzair Ezra
Yunus Jonah
Yusuf Joseph
Hud Hud
Zul'Kifl Zul'Kifl
Zul'Qarnain Two-Horned -Alexander
Idris Idris
Luqman Luqman
Al Yasha Elisha
Saleh Salih
Shuaib Shoaib
Mousa Moses
Haroun Aaron
Issa Jesus
Yahya John the Baptist
Zakariya Zacharias
Ilyas Elias
Muhammad, Ahmed Mahomed, Praised One
Allah God
Quran Koran
Firoun Pharaoh
Habeel Abel
Hassan Shabur
Hussain Shabir
Imran Amran
Injeel Gospel
Taurat Torah
Zaboor Psalms
Jalut Goliath
Jibreel Gabriel
Qabeel Cain
Hajar Hagar
Juj Gog
Majuj Magog
Maryam Mary
Masjid Mosque
Mikaeel Michael
Misr Egypt
Nasrani Christian
Yahudi Jew
Qarun Korah
Muslim Moslem
Sabah, Bilqees Sheba
Suad Sad
Ad Aad
Khidr Khezr
Iblis Satan
Madyan Midian
Samood Thamoud
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


JEDDAH — The love between an Islamic preacher with special needs and a Holy Qur’an teacher has turned into marriage.
The touching story began when Abdullah Banimah, who is completely paralyzed appeared on a satellite television program talking about spreading the message of Islam in several countries in the world.
When his future wife saw the program she immediately told her father about her desire to marry him because she admired him for courageously facing up to his disability and for dedicating his life to Islamic preaching.
Their dream turned true Tuesday when their friends queued along the road leading to the Al-Salam Wedding Hall in Jeddah to wish the couple a happy married life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A graphic on prison vs princeton

It seems a bit contradictory that more money is spent on a New Jersey inmate than on the tuition of a Princeton student. Traditionally, the facts state that America spends more money on prisons than higher education. This infographic highlights the misallocation of government investments on students vs prisoners. Prison vs Princeton
Created by: Public Administration
by mail from Tony Shin

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gaddafi's wife wants former leader buried in hometown

"I am an international leader, the dean of the Arab rulers, the king of kings of Africa and the imam of Muslims, and my international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level." - Remarks after his microphone was cut for denouncing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during a meeting of the Arab League in 2009.
"[Abraham] Lincoln was a man who created himself from nothing without any help from outside or other people. I followed his struggles. I see certain similarities between him and me." - Quoted in The Pittsburgh Press in 1986.
When the African Union was formed in 1999, loosely modeled on the European Union though essentially as toothless as its predecessor, Qaddafi provided a seemingly endless bankroll for the organization, which in turn treated him as a visionary godfather.

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The Schools that rule the Web

With the use of the Internet, Best Education Sites' comprehensive data shows everything from the top university's social media presence to the full exploration of public engagement.
Take a look and dive into the full exploration.

 Schools That Rule the Web
Created by: Best Education Sites

by mail from  Tony Shin

Duality In Creation

The Miracle Of Holy Quran - Duality In Creation


Glory be to Him Who created all the pairs:
from what the earth produces and from themselve
and from things unknown to them. (Qur'an, 36:36)
குகுர36:36. பூமி முளைப்பிக்கின்ற (புற்பூண்டுகள்) எல்லாவற்றையும், (மனிதர்களாகிய) இவர்களையும், இவர்கள் அறியாதவற்றையும் ஜோடி ஜோடியாகப் படைத்தானே அவன் மிகவும் தூய்மையானவன்.

While "male and female" is equivalent to the concept of "pair," "things unknown to them," as expressed in the Qur'an, bears a broader meaning. Indeed, we encounter one of the meanings pointed to in the verse in the present day. The British physicist Paul Dirac, who discovered that matter was created in pairs, won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933. This finding, known as "parity," revealed the duality known as matter and anti-matter.
Anti-matter bears the opposite characteristics to matter. For instance, contrary to matter, anti-matter
electrons are positive and protons negative.
This fact is expressed in a scientific
source as follows: .... every particle has its
antiparticle of opposite charge...
he uncertainty relation tells us that pair
creation and pair annihilation happen in the
vacuum at all times, in all places.
Another example of duality in creation is plants.
Botanists only discovered that there is a gender
distinction in plants some 100 years ago.
Yet, the fact that plants are created in pairs
was revealed in the following verses
of the Qur'an 1,400 years ago:
It is Allah Who created the heavens
with no support-you can see them
-and cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth
so that it would not move under you,
and scattered about in it creatures of every kind.
And We send down water from the sky
and make every generous plant grow in it,
in pairs. (Qur'an, 31:10)
31:10. அவன் வானங்களைத் தூண்களின்றியே படைத்துள்ளான். அதனை நீங்களும் பார்க்கிறீர்கள். உங்களுடன் பூமி அசையாதிருப்பதற்காக அவன் அதன் மேல் மலைகளை உறுதியாக நிறுத்தினான்; மேலும் அதன் மீது எல்லா விதமான பிராணிகளையும் அவன் பரவவிட்டிருக்கின்றான்; இன்னும் நாமே வானத்திலிருந்து மழையை பொழியச் செய்து அதில் சங்கையான, வகை வகையான (மரம், செடி, கொடி ஆகியவற்றை) ஜோடி ஜோடியாக முளைப்பித்திருக்கின்றோம்.

It is He Who made the earth a cradle for you
and threaded pathways for you through it
and sent down water from the sky
by which We have brought forth
diverse pairs of plants. (Qur'an, 20:53)
20:53. “(அவனே) உங்களுக்காக இப்பூமியை ஒரு விரிப்பாக அமைத்தான்; இன்னும் அதில் உங்களுக்குப் பாதைகளை இலேசாக்கினான்; மேலும் வானத்திலிருந்து நீரையும் இறக்கினான்; இம் மழை நீரைக் கொண்டு நாம் பல விதமான தாவரவர்க்கங்களை ஜோடி ஜோடியாக வெளிப்படுத்துகிறோம்” (என்று இறைவன் கூறுகிறான்).
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Remove Radiation From Your Body Naturally

 CT Scan, X-rays, cell phones, microwaves, tanning beds, airplane flights and full body scanners are just a few means of exposing your body to harmful radiation. Radiation exposure has significant health risk which includes fatigue, a weakened immune system, tumors, unexplained illnesses, anemia, cancer and birth defects in newborns. Radiation can be removed from your body effectively and completely through natural methods. Watch this video to learn how.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy world arthritis day

DrEman Altahawy .

It was world arthritis day, 12 October, when I finished my first 3 months of immuno-therpy of RA. I had juvenile RA during adolescence then long remission. Last decade, I suffered many activities of the RA. I said SUFFERED as I was wrongly diagnosed as Spondylo-arthropathy and many other false diagnoses and kept on non-steroidal anti-inflamatory and analgesics (NSAIs). Lastly, I started the proper therapy. Some side effects and little improvement could make me upset and worried about my physical activity with the disease. I feel like imprisoned with both symptoms and side effects.  I know that late diagnosis and treatment is a cause. It is so hard to read the first statement in most Rheumatology books quoting " There is no cure of RA". 

Yes, I have disease, but I still have a hope and belief in God and myself.  I decided to GO AHEAD in my life working well and even thinking of nominating myself in the current Egyptian parliament elections besides my work as cardiology specialist. I started my new Private cardiology and pediatric clinic after ten years of graduation. That was my hope postponed years as I was busy in my postgraduate studies and frequent disease activities including limiting arthrlgia. 

My advices: " do not surrender to the disease". "Got best treatment for less symptoms"  "Got the experience of other patients".

Some famous celebrities have RA.

"One of the most illustrious celebrities to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis was Rosalind Russell." 
Rosalind used her celebrity to advocate for awareness & research. “Frustrated that doctors knew very little about arthritis, she successfully lobbied Congress to pass the National Arthritis Act,”

Face to Face-Lauren Booth's Conversion to Islam

Journalist and broadcaster, Lauren Booth has written for the prominent magazines and papers like The New Statement, The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail.

She is considered as an outspoken critic of the war, supporter of "The Stop The War Coalition" and a member of "Media Workers against the War."

Being the sister in law and long standing critic of Tony Blair, Booth has recently converted to Islam.

In this edition, Face to Face, Booth's delight and insights in her recent conversion to Islam is portrayed and discussed with her.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moderation in JOY and GRIEF

Muslims’ commitment to Allah and His religion entails an unconditional loyalty.

For this reason, fluctuating conditions and circumstances never change believers’ zeal, enthusiasm and determination to live by the Qur’an.

Allah mentions two basic reactions shown by a believer.

First, hardship or severe conditions never daunt him.
Second, he never exults or feels pride because of what he obtains in this world. Allah reveals this in the Qur’an as:

That is so that you will not be grieved about the things that pass you by or exult about the things that come to you. Allah does not love any vain or boastful man. (Surat al-Hadid; 23)

Friday, October 7, 2011

VLSI - Q & A... by Aashiq Ahamed

Assalaamu Alaikum,
May peace and blessings of ALLAH (swt) be upon you and your family...aameen
Here are some of the VLSI related questions and answers which may be helpful to you. If you find this useful, please share it with your friends...
  1. What do you mean by Front End design and Back End design?
Front End design means Verification of a design whereas Backend Design means Analysis of a Design. In the VLSI design steps Writing HDL codes/Schematic, Simulation and Compilation belong to Front end design. And Synthesis, Floorplanning, Placing and Routing belong to Back end Design.
  1. Mention some Front end design tools?
               ModelSim from Mentor Graphics is the best Example. In this tool we can write and Simulate our design and can’t do anything apart from that. Active HDL from Aldec is an another example.
  1. Mention some Back end design tools?
RailMill, Dracula, Assura, Herculas etc…
  1. Why should I perform Synthesis?
 Synthesis is the process which will convert our HDL into gate level Netlist (or we can say, HDL to graphical representation of our design). This netlist is used for other VLSI design steps such as Placing and Routing.
  1. If I say a particular code is NON-SYNTHESIZABLE, what do I mean?
It means that the particular code can not produce suitable logic circuit/element to proceed further in the design process.
  1. Mention Some Synthesis tools?
XST (from Xilinx), Leonardo Spectrum (from Mentor), Synplify Pro (from Synplicity), Design Compiler ( from Synopsys) etc…
  1. Have you heard about RTL style of coding, if yes what is it?
Yes. If I say a particular code is following RTL style then it means that the particular code is Synthesizable.
  1. What are entity and Architecture in VHDL?
Entity describes about the external view of a project whereas Architecture explains about the internal view of a project

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who's Wearing The Pants [Infographic]

Over the course of thousands of years, men have continued success in their dominant roles. However, it's no surprise that 21st century data seems to be leaning toward the women.
This infographic illustrates the success and independence that women have now experienced. Not only in relationships and family, but in business & education, have women see increasing gains of power.

How to Remove Malware Warning from your website or wordpress site

by LionArtEntertainment 
if you went to your own website and you got the message:
"Warning: visiting this site may harm your computer"
That is appearing on your own site then watch this video on how to help fix the problem.

if you are receiving this message it is because there is a bad file on your website that is giving people viruses or downloading and stealing information from people that visit your site, or some other kind of harmful thing.

How it got there:
1) Either someone hacked into your site or server and placed the bad file hidden inside your site.
2) Or you installed a wordpress plugin from a bad source, or you installed some bad code onto your server.

How to fix it:
sign up for google webmaster tools, its free:

Check your site for malware and other bad files using google webmaster tools, or by simply going to this site:

Once you find where the file is located on your server then replace it with an old good working file from a back up of your site, Or if you don't have a site back up then you will have to learn code and go through the file to find what the malware is exactly and delete it.

And if your using wordpress specifically:
Then you also need to delete the recent plugin that you installed that you think may be the problem. The plugin that might be related to your issue would be something that is a "counter" of some kind or a plugin that is "cashing" info.

My wordpress site said it had a problem with "" which a guess is some company that made a plugin that I installed that was designed to help make my site run faster by cashing information. But the plugin was coded incorrectly or the company was known for producing malware or the company recently got hacked.

After you delete the plugin it might be a good idea to change your admin passwords, and possibly your server passwords, just in case your site was hacked. And you can also reinstall wordpress to help clear it up better.

Hope this helps.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Complainant blasts Swamy’s “political vendetta” charge

By Md. Ali,,
New Delhi: After the Delhi Police filed an FIR against Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy for spreading enmity between two communities through a hateful newspaper article, Swamy has been on defensive and trying to project the case as political vendetta for his active role in exposing the 2G scam. But the first and original complainant against Swamy’s article has blasted the charge.
The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Monday registered the case under Section 153A (spreading enmity between communities) of Indian Penal Code for his article published on 16th July 2011 in the DNA newspaper. Swamy said that the FIR about three months after his article was published is a clear case of political vendetta.

Subramanian Swamy
“I wrote the article in July. The FIR is filed in October. The motive seems to be my stand on 2G (spectrum scam)," Swamy has been quoted as saying.
But the first complainant against Swamy’s hateful article, Mr Shehzad Poonawala, a 24-years law student in Delhi, said the complaint against Swamy was registered with the Delhi Police within 24 hours of the publication of his article in July itself. Harvard-educated economics scholar, Swamy’s article 'How to wipe out Islamic terror' was published on 16th July in Mumbai-based English daily DNA. Aggrieved with the highly inflammatory and hateful article, Shehzad Poonawa had approached Defence Colony Police Station in Delhi on 17th July with a written complaint against Swamy.
In July the 2G scam probe was not as hot as it is today and the Central Government was not facing as much humiliation as it is today particularly after the exposure of PMO note making the thing messier than ever. Rather the Congress-led UPA had an upper hand for not hesitating to send even cabinet minister to jail for his alleged involvement in the scam.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Alngradh (95) the enemy on the doorstep التغريدة (95) العدو علي الأبواب

At the height of World War II (1939-1945), Germany invaded the Soviet Union and went to the city of Stalingrad (1942-1943), where he was fighting Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law) has emerged in sniping championships, prompting the military administrator of Danilov (Joseph VIANCE) to promote to raise the morale of the people of the Soviet Union crashed, which made the hero of Zaitsev, for which I am offended by the Germans and pushing them to send one of the best Guenasthm Queenig Erwin (Ed Harris) to eliminate him.
 The film which was produced in 2001, scenes from the childhood Zaitsev in the Ural Mountains, where he knew his grandfather hunting, also deals with the story of the boy Russian spy Sasha Filippov, and the story of Tania (Rachel Weisz), a young Jewish Russian killing of Germans, and her parents, prompting them to join the armies of Soviet was signed each of the Danilov and Zaitsev in love with her, and persuaded the latter to join the ranks of the snipers because the chances of survival of the larger war.
 See the end of the film's victory over arch-rivals Germany Zaitsev and Danilov

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am sorry..

I am sorry..:
Image by Reuters

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I don’t have the most perfect skin.
I’m sorry I don’t look like a Victoria Secrets model
I’m sorry I don’t have the best style.
I’m sorry I’m not tall.
I’m sorry I’m not perfectly skinny- 5’7 nor 100 pounds.
I’m sorry I have stretch marks here and there.
I’m sorry I have bad hijab days.
I’m sorry that I’m plain.
I’m sorry my eyebrows aren’t thin and perfectly trimmed.
I’m sorry my face isn’t caked in make-up.
I’m sorry that I can never meet society’s standards.
But you know what?
I don’t need to care about society’s criteria.
I don’t need people to tell me I’m beautiful.
I don’t need compliments to make me feel better.
I don’t need a superficial love that can’t withstand a stretch mark here or chub there.
I don’t need to keep sinking into a never ending pit of low self-esteem.
Because I looked to Allah, and He told me the perfect recipe to be Beautiful.
Not just temporarily, but forever.

“And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,…” [25:63]

“And [they are] those who, when they spend, do so not excessively or sparingly but are ever, between that, [justly] moderate {25:67]

“And he who repents and does righteousness does indeed turn to Allah with [accepted] repentance. And [they are] those who do not testify to falsehood, and when they pass near ill speech, they pass by with dignity. And those who, when reminded of the verses of their Lord, do not fall upon them deaf and blind. And those who say, “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.” Those will be awarded the Chamber for what they patiently endured, and they will be received therein with greetings and [words of] peace.” [25:71-75]

Ya Allah, when the world criticizes me a million times over
Ya Allah, when the world keeps telling me hurtful things
Ya Allah, when the world keeps pushing “ugly” at me.
Give me the courage to hold firm to your Deen.
Ya Allah, as long as I am beautiful to you, nothing else matters.

Ya Allah, even when everyone leaves my side, let me take comfort in the fact that
You are closer to me than my jugular vein [50:16]
Ya Allah, as long as I am beautiful to you, nothing else matters.
You are closer to me than my jugular vein


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