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Alngradh (95) the enemy on the doorstep التغريدة (95) العدو علي الأبواب

At the height of World War II (1939-1945), Germany invaded the Soviet Union and went to the city of Stalingrad (1942-1943), where he was fighting Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law) has emerged in sniping championships, prompting the military administrator of Danilov (Joseph VIANCE) to promote to raise the morale of the people of the Soviet Union crashed, which made the hero of Zaitsev, for which I am offended by the Germans and pushing them to send one of the best Guenasthm Queenig Erwin (Ed Harris) to eliminate him.
 The film which was produced in 2001, scenes from the childhood Zaitsev in the Ural Mountains, where he knew his grandfather hunting, also deals with the story of the boy Russian spy Sasha Filippov, and the story of Tania (Rachel Weisz), a young Jewish Russian killing of Germans, and her parents, prompting them to join the armies of Soviet was signed each of the Danilov and Zaitsev in love with her, and persuaded the latter to join the ranks of the snipers because the chances of survival of the larger war.
 See the end of the film's victory over arch-rivals Germany Zaitsev and Danilov, thanks to his friend, who gave his life to help him: They were in a bunker and one under the line of fire Queenig who would have thought that one person in the bunker. Danilov intentionally reared his head he received a bullet of death that I think it eradicates Queenig Zaitsev, prompting him to leave his hideout was a Soviet sniper lying in wait. Film ends Bashhd Vassili and Tania in a hospital after he was injured during the battle.
I watched this film several times, but when I saw him last time was different from all previous times that I was thinking at which the plot and creativity of the writer and a genius director and professional actors and filming, but this time attracted me the name of the movie "enemy at the door," It is worth mentioning that the film when introduced in Europe offer under the name of Stalingrad, but when it was distributed later added under the name "Stalingrad" smaller font, "the enemy on the doors"
Subject to the feeling of Germany, describing the enemy, although in fact at the time the enemy of the Soviets as they invaded the homes
We in Egypt at the level of government, half the Jews predators on our borders, the State of Israel, but on the popular level half Jewish critics of our enemy without hesitation or regard for his feelings because, as the popular saying goes, "not after the burning of crops neighborhood" and for Israel, not after the murder taking into account the feeling of not unequivocally in the Declaration of the hostility that American aid will not eliminate them and Israeli threats
Yes, the enemy on the doorstep is planning to recover the Sinai and the building of a new line Brleaf what are we doing? Ask for the proactive plan "to do" and not a reaction, but all you need to plan a clear goal and a specific example, and not our aim to achieve security of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him when he was asked what the biggest security do you have? .. With courage and said .. The first thing the demise of Israel .. It is with me in achieving my dream my wish --- ---- Is my goal of Mujib?

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Dr. Friend al-Hakim

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