Thursday, March 31, 2011

A leper, a bald-man and a blind-man

Teaching stories have been used throughout time as a way to transmit wisdom. In Hadith literature there are a number of stories that have been related by Prophet Muhammad in the context of teaching valuable lessons for humanity.
The following story is related in Sahih Bukhari (004.056.670) Translated by Thomas Cleary
The Prophet told a story, "There were three Israelites, a leper, a bald man, and a blind one. In order to test them, God sent an angel to them."

The angel came to the leper and said, "What would you like most?"

He said, "A good complexion and good skin, and riddance of that for which people have considered me unclean."

Then the angel passed his hand over him, and his uncleanness disappeared from him, and he acquired a good complexion.

Now the angel said, "And what would you like most to have?"

He said, "Camels." 

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