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10 Ways to Control your Baby’s Gender

People have been, around the world, trying to control their baby’s gender since times forgotten. They want to raise the probability of the sex of the baby they are going to bear. People really want to believe that they have some control over whether they have a boy or a girl but some doubt if this is actually true. There is no doubt that there are methods that allow you a great deal of control over your baby’s sex. Some are more reliable than others. Women no longer have to rely solely on the serendipitous meeting of egg and sperm to get the son or daughter they’ve always wanted. Strides in reproductive science have revolutionized human conception, giving us more choices and control than our grandmothers ever imagined. Now, for example, a woman with the time, money and inclination can boost her odds of conceiving a daughter by a staggering 92 percent. A lot of people assume that gender selection is wrong. They think that it is wrong to tamper with the development of your child. However, science doesn’t always have to be involved. There are ways to control the gender of your child without using harmful procedures that might harm the child’s development or the health of the mother. You can select the gender of your child and you don’t have to harm your baby.

10. Diet

There’s no question that you can and should control what you can when it comes to the father’s diet. Healthy foods can contribute to healthy sperm. But in terms of choosing an acidic or alkaline diet, this is best accomplished with the woman or mother to be. These changes can have an affect on whether the couples conceives a boy or a girl. Scientists believe that the woman’s diet influences the PH of her reproductive tract. Y chromosome gametes thrive in an alkaline environment, whereas x chromosome gametes prefer an acidic environment. Eat lots of vegetables and fish if you desire a girl. For a boy, they should eat lots of meat, sodium and eggs, a protein-based diet. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, shows a link between higher energy intake around the time of conception and the birth of sons. But remember; eating a well balanced diet is imperative for a healthy pregnancy.

9. Sexual Position

Various sex positions and habits can favor one gender over another. If you are trying to conceive a boy, deep penetration from your partner, preferably with the “doggy style” position, will deposit the sperm closer to the cervix giving the more aggressive and quicker moving “boy” sperm a head start to fertilizating the egg first. To conceive a girl the man needs to have shallow penetration. That means typically having sex in the missionary position. This keeps the sperm farther from the egg then other positions, and that is key in trying to conceive a girl. The X chromosomes are hearty sperm and very resilient. They live longer then Y chromosomes but also swim slower. For that reason you want them to have an edge over the faster swimming boy sperm and making them have to swim farther ensures that they will outlive the males to get to the egg.

8. Orgasms

When trying to conceive a boy,  the multiple orgasms during sex are a good thing for those who want a baby boy as the body produces substances after orgasm that makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, which favors the “boy” sperm. The contractions which accompany an orgasm help move the sperm up and into the cervix, giving the “boy” sperm an extra chance at being available when your egg is available for fertilization.

7. Timing & Frequency of Intercourse

In order to increase the chances of having a boy, you should have sex no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation to 12 hours after ovulation. Intercourse closer to ovulation the faster but less robust Y (boy) sperm. The cervical mucus present at ovulation is less acidic and “slippery” enough to help the Y (boy) sperm reach the egg more quickly. Delaying the intercourse after all signs of ovulation have passed over 12 hours can however favor those who want a girl.

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