Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mothers causing division between spouses

It is Satan who separates between husband and wife and no one else.
This is every house’s call that her mother in-law or his mother is creating separation between us. Unfortunately you will not find anybody speaking on it due to a reason, neither scholars of Islaam nor the society, but the voice tears the four walls only when a big loss takes place secretly inside the four walls like bride burning etc.
First of all we request and advise the mothers and request those who read this to convey it to mothers that please don’t put your son in such a situation where neither can he speak nor keep quite. He cannot speak back his mother because Islaam does not allow him; he cannot keep quite because injustice is happening to his wife. If he speaks back to his mother in an unlike manner, he earns direct ticket to hell, on the other hand if he remains silent on seeing the oppression over his wife he earns hell; on both ways man is hell doomed.
There are endless reasons why this situation arises in every home and turns into its worst in maximum homes; the fundamental reason is that mother in-law is not happy with her daughter in-law due to endless reasons.
A person said, “She becomes unhappy with me when she sees me & my husband laughing with each other. She hates when my husband plays with his children & in turn she oppresses me in one or the other way.”
We see in Hindu society society that daughter in-law is under the control of mother in-law in every manner. She cannot move out, visit her parents without the permission of her mother in-law even though her husband allows her. Hindu tradition has damaged the Indian society at a very large extent. It says husband is your god and you shall not return to your parents home but dead even though you may be suffering a great amount of oppression from husband or from your in-laws. Killing the female baby child, bride burning, dowry given by the wife to her in-laws, considering women less human than men etc are nothing but the teachings of the Hindu culture. Since we know the effect of bad company, Muslim society became part and parcel of this ruthless culture because we were ignorant about Islaamic teachings even at present.
The result of this rift within the four walls has resulted to many disasters, one of them is ‘bride burning’. It is man goes to work or for job in the morning, his wife is alone with his mother and family members at home and so they set his wife in fire by throwing at her kerosene oil. Sometimes husband is one of them who sets his wife in fire but that is a separate topic.

Imagine when husband will hear that his newly wedded wife is set on fire and died because of his mother what is the reaction he will perform? Can he speak back to his mother in an unlike manner? What do you expect from him to do? It is wastage of time to call police because Indian police is the world’s most corrupt police and for what matter will he call police, to arrest his mother and family?
Many Muslims wonder about why does Islaam not provide any solution for this tragedy. Islaam does not address this issue like many other issues of society because this issue was not there are the time of Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallm). You may ask how is this possible? It is possible because Islaam does not support joint family system like many third world countries for example India, Pakistan etc. In Islaam, family consists of two people and their children, even though parents make their family with their children and children make their family with their spouses and children.
This issue came out when you put your mother and wife in the same place, and then they will start expecting things from each other like the relation of mother and daughter. But since this can never ever happen until the last day, things start to turns into worst. Mothers feel jealous of their son playing and spending time with his wife in secret, they start feeling they are alone esp. when mother is a widow. A hug or kiss to wife and a spoon of honey turns things down. This is indeed evil inside the majority of the mothers that they feel in such a way in-fact they should be happy to see love between them; but we know this doesn’t happen at all.
This post is growing down, I like to write small post but this post was an emergency post as we don’t have anything like that in real life and neither on web. Now while surfing I saw some videos regarding the issue, watch them below and remember never oppress and its Haraam to oppress:

In-Laws OR Out-Laws – Sh. Waleed Basyouni

Fight between My Mother & My Wife – What to Do? – Abu Mussab

Sheikh Danish Riyaz

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