Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why 9/11?

Why 9/11? from Daniel McGowan on Vimeo.
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE OR LINK TO THIS VIDEO. Eleven years after the worst terrorist attack ever on their homeland, most Americans are still fuzzy about the terrorists' motives. Why 9/11? cuts through this fog to reveal what most angered the terrorists. Until we Americans clearly understand the motives for the September 11 attacks, just getting rid of terrorists like Osama bin Laden is unlikely to bring us enduring security. Until the real purpose of such anti-American terrorism comes out, terror may continue to stalk us; until we end our denial of why 9/11 happened, the interminable war on terror may continue. These attacks have everything to do with America's Middle East policies. The influence of the Israel lobby – especially AIPAC – on these policies warrants closest scrutiny. IMPORTANT NOTE: reference to “AIPAC's money” near the end of the video seems to imply that AIPAC makes political campaign contributions. It does not. But it advises other pro-Israel organizations regarding which campaigns to contribute to.
Click below and watch the speech by Dan McGowan, Professor Emeritus of
Hobart &William Smith Colleges in the United States of America.

While millions upon millions of people in the US and around the world
believe that 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld
Administration (for and on behalf of the Israeli and defence industry
interests), listen to the shocking atrocities committed by the Israelis..
And listen to what Mahatma Gandhi said about forced occupation by the Israel
backed by the governments of US and UK

Watch and forward it to your friends and families around the world.


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