Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Islam TV service called Alchemiya launched in UK

London : A new on demand TV service called Alchemiya is launching in the UK hoping to change perceptions and misconceptions of Islam, BBC reported.

Alchemiya is the brainchild of two British Muslims, and offers documentaries and entertainment.
Alchemiya TV is spearheaded by Navid Akhtar, who has 20 years of experience as a producer at the BBC and Channel 4. The chief marketing officer is the prominent Muslim commentator and Imam Ajmal Masroor.
It will broadcast award-winning films, independent documentaries, travel, lifestyle, children’s programmes, history and religion.

For Akhtar, this Ramadan has been a chance to establish a broader understanding with friends of what their faith means to Muslims today, in the West and elsewhere.
The idea is for Alchemiya to show a different side of the modern Muslim world – one seen all too rarely on the news today.

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