Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Aziz Ansari The Super Star of USA

Aziz Ansari is the new age super star of United States of America. He is the well known comedian actor of Hollywood. His MASTER OF NONE show voted the best comedy series, Critics' Choice Awards of 2016 at California . This series also got nominated for NACCP image award as well as nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe Award.

PARKS AND RECREATION made him a great actor. Master of None makes him the super star of USA, comments The Telegraph. Now he is nominated as as best actor in a comedy series.

All international magazines and top news journals like Time Magazine, Atlantic Observer, NBC news, New York Times, MTV are all praise of the young talented actor.

Master of None comedy series is produced by Universal Television.
"Aziz Ansari's Master of None is really a thought provoking piece of art." observes The Guardian.

This young actor Aziz Ansari is a second generation Indian American, from Tamilnadu. His mother is from Nagercoil and father Ansari, a famous gastro-enterologist of USA is from Tirunelveli. Aziz is the grand son of famous lawyer Fakrudin Adam of Nagercoil
.- Vavar F Habibullah

dr.habibullah with Master of None super star - actor Aziz Ansari at a function in Trivandrum recently.

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