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Poison Saddam! Cook refused!

Poison Saddam! Cook refused!

The personal cook of Saddam Hussain says, “It is completely unjust that they killed a wonderful human being, Saddam Hussain”

The Cook, Haja Mohideen from Keelakkarai, India, was shedding tears when he was talking about his previous employer, Saddam Hussain.

Haja Mohideen served Saddam, for many years. At present he is running a Fast Food Restaurant in Triplicane, India.

We met him in his residence at Puthuppet. He started to relate his experience in the Palace of Saddam.

“On my first day of work as a personal cook for Saddam, a manager like person, in some formal dress, gave me a menu for the day, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

This routine continued and I served the food accordingly.

I didn’t speak Arabic; I could only barely communicate with the people at the palace. In about 2 weeks’ time, slightly I picked up the language and managed to understand them, well.

Then only I asked a co-worker, the actual position of the ‘manager like person’ who gives the daily menu. To my surprise, he told me that it was none but Saddam himself! He liked Indians very much for some unknown reason. He used to call Indira Gandhi as ‘my sister’.

When Indira Gandhi was shot, he arrested almost all the Sikhs in Iraq and threw them in Jail. Only after explaining that they are different people and the killers belonged to different organization, and then only he released them, after 10 days of interrogation.

He liked Indian food very much. He was fond of Rasam. I used to make Rasam for him, with different flavors. He used to eat rice with Rasam.

He didn’t use sugar, but used to drink tea with honey.

His typical lunch was something like rice, fried chicken and vegetables. He used to take dinner at 9 pm. It was like Chapatti, Fried chicken and fruit salad. He loved Indian Biryani. I have made about 40 types of Biryani for him.

Once Saddam told me that he was happy to have met ‘sister Indira’ in New Delhi. In the dinner party, they served a triangular shaped snack! He said that it was very nice and asked me if I could make the same for him. It wasonly the Samosas.

I fried about 200 Samosas and sent. He and his family had enjoyed those Samosas.

In the palace of Saddam, no cook remains for more than 6 months. Some criminals would brain wash the cooks and get them slow poison the food, to harm Saddam and his family! So the cooks are dismissed and hired new ones, very frequently.

Once I went to purchase some vegetables. When I got down from the car that belonged to the Palace, some people cornered me and offered to pay many crores of Indian Ropes for a small ‘job ‘that I had to do. To my surprise that job was nothing but to mix a little slow poison in the food that Saddam was to eat! I refused and tried to chase them. They threatened to kill me! I told that I was prepared to die, but never would commit a crime like that. I got into the car returned back to the palace.

In a few minutes time, Saddam summoned me through an aid. I went and met him. He got up and approached me and, unexpectedly hugged me tight and told in a whispering voice “Thank you, Mohideen”. I couldn’t get it, but later only I came to know that they have ‘wired’ my cooks uniform that they could hear me talking, where ever I went!

After this incident, he trusted me and liked me very much. Then the Gulf War started. He met me once and told me to leave. “Mohideen, you better go home. Your family needs you.” I refused. I said I liked to stay in the palace. He Said, “I could die for my land, but you must leave”. He insisted.

“He ordered the people to pack my things. Arrange everything for my departure. He gave me a big parcel and told me not to open it, until I reached home. One of his personal flights took me from Baghdad to Mumbai.

“I opened the parcel at home. All American Dollar Bills’, Mohideen wiped out the tears when spoke this last sentence.
Jamaldeen Mohammed Ismail

  by முகநூல் முஸ்லிம் மீடியா

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