Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are people like computers?

 Are people like computers?

Just a thought, are we humans a bit like computers.

1] The box that houses the computer comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Just like humans.

2] We have a hard drive, it’s called a brain and it resides in our skull. The brain controls most of the essential functions of the body. Doing so without us even thinking about them. Just like the main processor in the hard drives operating system.

3] We see, hear, touch, taste and smell by the use of our external sensors, The computer receives information from its external sources. We do have the extra advantage of having the use of logic, gut feeling and some might say a disadvantage the feelings of guilt and compassion.

4] Most computers use the same operating system [I know that is not strictly true] but most humans use the operating system given to them by their creator [whatever you want to call him/her]

Now comes the tricky bit, whilst we all have basically the same bodies and brains, our programming differs greatly. We are all of us influenced by our parents, grand parents and siblings initially. [basic programming] Then we go to school/university were we receive intermediate programming. Has we go to work, meet other people, some are friends, some are work colleagues who influence our thinking.

The next main influences on our programming is TV, Media and yes the Internet. Most of these influences have little or no effect on our basic and intermediate programming. This fact is perfectly acceptable to our leaders, be they political, commercial or religious. So we carry on living, doing and accepting whatever we are told. This is the same regardless of whichever country that you happen to reside in, you/we/me are all products of our society.

Now to my main point, if you remain within your country, or within your community if you reside in an alien country that you or your parents have migrated to? The bulk of your programming remains intact.

But if you interact with your host community in the country that you now reside in, Or if you read or listen to other peoples ideas or view points, and yes ways of living and getting on with other people that are different to what we have been programmed to believe.

If we change, be it ever so slightly, our ideas or beliefs [programming] does this mean that our programming as been corrupted? Or does it mean that our programming is evolving?


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