Sunday, September 18, 2016

Am I Big Headed ?

I Conceal my friend's errors
I Reveal their achievements
I am not a gentleman but
Nothing less than a gentleman

I am a Gift to people around
I am infected with love and affection
I always encourage young ones and
Respect the deserved elders

I live in harmony with Nature
Nurture, adore and safeguard it
I love Peace by all means
But prepared for war too

I hate none and love all in this world
As my belief is in the hereafter
I am bold and persistent but
Soft and forgiving for friends

At times I am misunderstood
As I do good for others
They may say that I am big headed
My head bows only to the Almighty Allah.

ராஜா வாவுபிள்ளை

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