Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Your life is simple touches in just 10 minutes

Your life is simple touches in just 10 minutes 
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a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean doing radical changes, some simple little touches of detail and attention enough to feel significant changes to health, fitness and disease prevention and other level.
The following are the top ten small steps that have a significant impact on health, according to the network "CNN" News:
First, wipe your office door handle with sterile material to prevent 90% of influenza viruses, according to a University of Arizona study.
Second, provide your body with the omega-3 booster of the mind and heart to eat sardines twice a week.
Third: Reduce the amount of sugar in your daily diet, and start by gradually getting yourself to add less sugar in your drinks, for example, when you feel sugary sugars, replace them with fruits such as bananas or watermelon.

Fourth: Offer your skin to the sun, even ten minutes a day every morning, to provide your body with the need of vitamin "D", which protects against diseases of osteoporosis, which is widespread, especially among the population of the Gulf region.
Fifth: Avoid using your cell phone before sleeping because its use is linked to feeling insomnia.
Sixth: Replace the white bread with brown bread, such a simple step will reduce the calories that enter your body when eating bread, in addition to providing the body with more fiber necessary for digestion.
Seventh: Eat more yogurt, it is a rich source of bacteria necessary for the digestive process, try to diversify by mixing milk with breakfast chips, or oats, or fresh fruit or dried, or honey.
Eight: Make green tea a daily ritual, it is rich in anti-oxidant protection against cancer, in addition to stimulating the process of metabolism, and cleanse the body of toxic substances and harmful.
Ninth: Increase the number of steps you take a day by using the stairs to climb up and down instead of the elevator, or corner the car in a little distance and walk to where you are going.
X. More laugh to reduce anxiety levels in your daily life and prevent high blood pressure, watching some funny sections on the Internet may be a good start.
by DrEman Altahawy…

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