Thursday, January 13, 2011

She never looks like flowers!

She never looks like flowers!
He never cut looks like!
Ever feel like ointment is!
It seems like ever Nestar!
Ever feel like reality is!
It seems like ever Akwabo!
Manjial ever feel like it!
It seems like ever Ssharr!
It seems like ever near ones
It seems like ever Parayao
Visibility of the way, is it everyday Bdlato
Visibility of the way, is it everyday Bdlato

How came Uchaeyo Pay!

... feel fear

They say, we're here?

Each side is Khamaoshayaz

Is silence ...

Boz has

Tonrhazeaya limits ...

Mother to leave your region,

They say we're here?

Khamaoshiaz see my house,
He was Thithka ...
Virania my house to see
He was Ssham ...
When he saw me
Tonhaiyo Huve to hug ...
We Derdi speaking two Alfgz
My Hoslah Break
He's gone .

If ye are not in life Gar ...
What's the difference!
New Year's coming
Old year to go!
You in a relationship!
Hey I just Piaroli full Kaanat!

Stone in the town, the heart is in your glass house!
I could never do that, for that is Dhrcht used to be!
Virania in the desert, a Tiashnagie importance in the Phil!
Dil my Musafir, every time the tour used to be in!
Zat added to your own heart the way!
Aks your own watches in all Shakrak used to be simply .. s for

He passed Zamana,
So what I say to Kahu
Care is still my heart,
Who I day evening

by Sameer------------------------------------

About Sameer : very moody,very sensitive,disciplined,puctual,net and nature lover,having keen interest to know about strange peoples,choosy in friendship, to help oldman and kids, want to write more books on poem and human psychology and the burning desire to contribute big in global warming

    * Gender: Male
    * Industry: Engineering
    * Location: Dehradun : Uttarakhand : India
Source :
 Intimate Relationships

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Sameer said...

u r simply wonderful persom having lot of talents n intelligence particularly in this age...U r gr8 I salute Mohd Ali sir.


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