Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why would you want to go to prison?

You do not want to go to prison .The idea that good people cannot go to jail is not true .They would  just send you. But sometimes some person might have been compelled to go to prison for their mistakes committed by them. .There is a jail which is like five star hotel with all facilities . It  is like  "home away from home". Let us see The World's Nicest Prison. Norway Holden Prison jail has en-suite bathrooms and windows without bars. A luxury prison containing en-suite bathrooms, .Banksy art-style art and windows without bars.

Women power: Half the prison guards are female as it is believed this decreases aggression.

This is the world's nicest prison: Halden Prison in Norway. It is opening in the spring of 2010. It will hold 252 prisoners and has taken 10 years of government planning to build. Featuring private en-suite washrooms, mini-fridges & flat screen T.V.'s in each cell, climbing wall, library, cafeteria and hobby/recreational areas.
"Our job is to create the best possible development opportunities for the individual, and lay the foundation for
possible changes," said prison director  


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