Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My message

My message

 Today, i just want to forward an important message to Muslims who want to settle in FRANCE. Unfortunately, i was born and grow in FRANCE. In this country, we can observed with the time that Muslims are not really welcome. Few months ago, the french government forbidden the wearing of the niqab(cover the full face).
              Next year, they prepared a second banning of the bhurka ...
       If they do that, they will probably forbidden the wearing of the Hijab !!!!! 

         Everyday, in my prayers i asked to ALLAH(swt) : "settle me as soon as possible in INDIA ". Why INDIA : there is all my family, we can practise ISLAM without problem...  Wear bhurka and cover our face face without problem.
The big changement on me :

_ I'm always cool ( i can be angry very very rarely)
_ 100% happy
_ Feel more better
_ Become more modest
_ Even if doctors don't know what i have (knee problem wich no one saw it before), I don't take it serious, i just think : "ALLAH(swt) know the best for us ...

           Just try to read the QURAN and pray regularly you will see the changement yourself : you will be cool, tolerant, etc. Then you will thank ALLAH(swt) for this changement !!!!

         Something in your life will make trust on ISLAM, and something else will make you strong on your faith(ISLAM)

Insha'allah i'm going to try to wear the bhurka ...
Yours M.Shameena

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