Friday, May 20, 2011

Everest KenBridge School in Mayiladuthurai.


"The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live." - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Welcome to Everest KenBridge School, Mayiladuthurai. We are a part of the nationwide KenBridge Schools chain that will soon be taking district level education to new highs. Nobody takes Oliver Holmes’ statement as seriously as us. Nine leading lights of Mayiladuthurai have come together form the trust and to deliver quality education through Everest KenBridge School.
To know more about the trust, please click here Trust Members - Everest KenBridge School, Mayiladuthurai

At Everest KenBridge School, we are focused on making education more vivid, enjoyable and knowledgeable for your child. Here, we strive to create an environment that brings lessons alive for your child. Our emphasis is on learning by doing through interactive, activity based teaching methods. The result: your child is as confident, knowledgeable and smart as children from other metros.
Read on to give a head start to your child with the KenBridge advantage.

At Everest KenBridge School, Mayiladuthurai, a specially designed integrated curriculum sets the tone for teaching. The conventional chalk and talk method is replaced with the do and learn method. Additionally, the following facilities are available to aid your child in learning:
  • Web enabled classroom - Each classroom will be provided with a broadband connection.
  • VSAT enabled classroom / Virtual classroom - This enhances the students’ learning experience through live and interactive sessions.
  • Digitized content - High quality digitized content to aid teaching of complex and dry concepts with animations.
  • Touch based screens - Each classroom will be equipped with an interactive board and a stylus pen, further enhancing the digital experience of learning.
Classrooms will also house a computer and an LCD projector. A central server placed in a separate room within the school will be connected to all the classrooms. This will carry the content mapped to the NCERT curriculum guidelines, ensuring that the teachers can utilize the content at the flick of a switch. Additionally, classrooms will be equipped with a webcam and a set of speakers.

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To know more about the trust, please click here Trust Members - Everest KenBridge School, Mayiladuthurai

City Office address
ATS towers, 171, 1st Floor Pattamangala Street
(Above Tata Gold Plus) Mayiladuthurai - 609 003

School site address
Maraiyur Road
Sitharkadu Village
Mayiladuthurai - 609 003

72000 00055 / 72000 00066


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