Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Favorite Wife And Favorite Son

By Jean Sasson
Don’t be fooled by the talk that Yemeni wife Amal was Osama’s favorite wife. I’ve got several reasons to think that is not true, although I’m sure he had affection for her loyalty in staying with him through the final days.

I’ve been reading many current articles on the Osama Bin Laden drama. It’s impossible not to compare what I’m reading to what was revealed to me by Omar and Najwa Bin Laden when I was gathering their memories to write their personal accounts of living with Osama (in GROWING UP BIN LADEN). (Omar was Osama’s favorite son who courageously ignored his father’s call for violence, while Najwa held three coveted positions in a Muslim marriage: the first wife, a first cousin, and the mother of his first son, Abdullah). Note to those journalists who are writing that his Yemeni wife was his favorite: Don’t assume that because Amal was the wife with him in Pakistan that she was the favorite. Believe me when I say that he would have preferred Najwa by his side. There was an intense life-long bond between Najwa and Osama. They had known and loved each other since infancy. They spent many summers affectionately playing together in Syria when Osama’s mother Allia took her family to visit Najwa’s family (Najwa’s father was Allia’s brother).

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