Saturday, November 5, 2011

Direct relay from Holy Arafat Ground (live) ( Iqraa Live

 Please clik to see to see Holy Arafat Ground
Pilgrims head for Mount Arafat for Hajj  
  More than two million Muslims gathered on Saturday on Saudi Arabia’s Mount Arafat and its surrounding plain, marking the peak day of the Haj, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage.
Dressed in white garments, the pilgrims filled the Namera Mosque in Arafat and the nearby streets and camps for collective prayer, led by Saudi Arabia’s top cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al  Sheikh.
        “Islam is the solution for the problems” of Muslims, he said in a speech before the prayer began, warning the faithful of “a media and cultural invasion that seeks to weaken (their) faith.”
         He urged Muslims to solve their problems “without interference from their enemies,” condemning those who want to “provoke hostility between you and your leaders.” 


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