Thursday, December 22, 2011

FREE CD or DVD For Dawah From Yusuf Estes & Share Islam

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
FREE CD or DVD for Dawah
Salam alaykum,
We were all amazed! - to see 1250 stand up and say "Shahadah" - all at ONE TIME.

 1) Free Qurans & CDs -Free CDs - FREE QURANs
2) 135 Enter Islam - (135 People Enter Islam at One Time)
3) What's Islam? (What's Islam? EZ Way to explain it ALL - In English)
4) Over 1,000 Say Shahadah (1200 People do shahadah At One Time)

Two (2) ways to use for dawah:
1. Order these DVDs, copy them, give them out (free) to everyone
2. Give the links to our website for people to watch

*(3) You can also Donate For Islam to help us do more (inshallah):

> Explain Jihad - The Best Way:
> Treatment of Women? - Show this to them:
> Quran says - WHAT? - the real meaning - the right way (EZ English)

FREE CD or DVD for Dawah &
by mail from Share Islam

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