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by mthago

Malaysia as a progressive and advanced country needs to become a clean, well planned and beautiful country. Malaysia with beautiful peoples and good qualities must have beautiful scenery. Roads in Malaysia must be wide and good qualities, having at least double lanes on both ways. Along all the main roads in Malaysia, all the lands in between roads or on the sides of the roads are cultivated with flowers of various kinds. When anyone is driving along the main roads of Malaysia, they will be welcomed by beautiful flowers. These flowers are cultivated and taken care by the government and sold in their supermarkets and petrol stations all over the country. Peoples who come back from their offices can stop at any petrol stations to buy flowers as present to their wives or loved ones. It is a part of efforts made by the government to beautify our roads and at the same time increase the loves between members of families and to increase government income. 
How would that be possible that Malaysian cities particularly Kuala Lumpur without any traffic congestion? Now Kuala Lumpur is a city congested with traffic because everybody wants to bring their cars to go to work. It takes about two hours drive from Gombak to Seri Petaling during the early hours of working days when most people go to work. This happen because the city was built without planning. With the present condition of the roads and the increasing numbers of peoples and cars, the traffic problem of Kuala Lumpur will never end. In order to reduce the numbers of peoples go to work with their cars, Kuala Lumpur needs to have a good public transport and certainly bus is not the answers.
The best public transport system that Kuala Lumpur should have in order to avoid traffic congestion is an underground train transport system. The underground train is fast, convenience, punctual and efficient. Peoples will certainly choose the underground train rather than driving cars to work. All areas in the city of Kuala Lumpur which are not utilized will be grown with flowers and manage by the government and the flowers are sold in government supermarket and petrol stations. All buildings in Malaysia have to be painted once in every five years, built with good and standard woods or bricks and they must look clean and beautiful. Houses in Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur which has became old will be repaired and painted by the government so that Kampong Baru will be clean and beautiful Malay village with clean roads and drainage system. Kampong Baru will be designated as a tourist center or “Kampong Warisan”. It will become a tourist attraction that can generate revenues to the government. Each house in Kampong Baru will have extra room outside their house with complete facilities to be rented to tourists and travelers at reasonable price and it will become extra revenues to the household owners.
All houses in Malaysia which is old will be demolished and change with new houses. Government will give loans to those who want to demolish their old houses and change it with new ones. Government has their own contractors and uses building materials made by government factories. The owner will be charged at very reasonable prices. Government will make rules that all owners of buildings need to renovate and repaint their buildings once every five years and no new buildings can be built without the government permission and should be built according to Malaysian standard. Minor renovation does not require government permission but all major renovation work need to follow Malaysian standard. Peoples have the choice of either using their own contractors or government contractors but all buildings must be made according to Malaysian standard. Government will have city, small town, and village planning councils. All villages and small towns will be plan and built again according to Malaysian standard. All parts of the city, small town and villages will have proper drainage and waste disposal system. All waste drainage system will lead to proper waste disposal areas and the drainage system is clean and odorless. In the city, small towns and villages there will be plenty of dustbins for peoples to throw their rubbish and wastes. In many parts of the city, small towns and villages, there will be many public toilets and bathrooms which are maintained by the government. Every part of the city, small town and villages have cleaning agencies that will help to maintain cleanliness and they also will have special agencies that help to maintain the  beauty of the city, small town and villages. Every part of the city, villages and small towns according to the ratio of their populations will have certain number of schools, sport centers, clinic cum hospital, supermarket, mosques or surau, banks, post office, internet center, library and study centers ,musical  and drama centers, rubbish dumping areas or recycles centers, ample parking areas and shopping centers.
In some areas in the city, where there are high rise residential apartments buildings, there will be special building made for cars and motorcycles parking. There will be ample parking spaces for the occupants of the apartments as well as their visitors. No one is allowed to park their vehicles as they like except in designated parking areas and everyone has to pay a very minimum charges. The shopping areas and other public utilities will be centrally located. Each villages or small towns will be designated to grow certain crops or to rear certain domestic animals or to have certain type of factories to manufacture certain type of goods. Those areas also have a research center that does research on their specific products or crops. According to the ratio of the population each villages and small towns will have schools, both primary and secondary schools. Although Chinese and Indian primary school may continue but government primary schools teach all the four main languages that are Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil. Every one thousand population or less there will be one primary and secondary school. All roads even in villages and small towns are double carriageways and on the middle or both sides of the roads, government will grow flowers. Each villages and small town has council that is responsible to maintain cleanliness and the beauty of the villages and small town. Malaysia will have not only clean, beautiful and well plan cities but also the villages and small towns are also clean and beautiful. The whole country will looks like a beautiful gardens with beautiful flowers.
Government will also built amusement centers in the city, villages and small towns and inside the amusement centers there are halls that can be used for concert, dancing, singing and marriage ceremony. In every two thousands population there will be an amusement center. Dancing between girls and boys ,holding hands and hugging between each others like how  the Europeans and the American do is not allowed by the laws in Malaysia to either Muslims or non-Muslims, private or in public functions. Songs with lyrics that contain meanings contradictory to our eastern and Muslim culture is also not permitted in Malaysia. Only songs with good lyrics are allowed in Malaysia. Drama and films contradictory to the teaching of Islam is not allowed to be screen in Malaysian cinema and television. Drama and films are made to instill good qualities to the people. Night clubs and Karaoke are only allowed to non-Muslims. Alcoholic drinks can only be served and sold privately and the servings of alcohol drinks are not allowed in public function. Smoking is only allowed to adults above 18 years old and smoking is not allowed in all public places. Students who are smoking will have to undergo treatment using self-talk therapy. Drugs abuse, certainly not allowed and the current laws related to drug abuse are maintained. All drug addicts have to undergo therapy using the self-talk therapy in all drugs rehab centers in the country. All AIDS patients are kept in as special hospital and treated using Islamic and conventional medicines and self-talk therapy. Government will also built special hospitals to treat peoples with extraordinary abnormal behaviors such as homosexuality, lesbians, addiction to criminal activities and others. Malaysians either non-Muslims, Muslims and foreigners are not allowed to wear dresses that uncover the chest and parts of the body from the knees upward. Wearing shorts and miniskirt is not allowed in public for both men and women. Muslims have to wear dresses according to Islamic laws in the mosques, surau, public function, schools and in government and private offices.
Government will schedule the working hours for government, private sectors, business hours and schools. This scheduling is made as an attempt to avoid traffic jam on the roads. All schools will start at 8.00am and end at 4.30pm. Government offices will open at 8.30am and end at 5.00pm. Banks and private sectors will start at 9.00am and end at 5.30pm. Business activities will open at 9.30am and end at 6.00pm. Supermarkets and restaurant open at 10.00am and closed at 10.00pm. Only those who obtain the permission from the government can run their business activities 24 hours. The government would like all government, private, business, and school activities except supermarket and restaurant to stop their activities before 6.00pm so that all Malaysians can spend the remaining times with their families and neighbors. Working days for government and private sectors are Monday to Friday. Supermarkets and business outlets can open until 1.00pm on Saturday. Nightclubs and Karaoke can open on weekdays up to 11.00pm and on weekend nights up to 1.00am. Only non-Muslims adults and foreigners can go to night clubs and Karaoke. Those who become drunk after attending nightclubs and Karaoke are not permitted to drive on his or her own to their residence. Driving while drunk is a major traffic offense and can lead to jail sentences. The practice of prostitution, lesbian and homosexuality are not allowed in Malaysia and it is forbidden to all including Muslims, non-Muslims and foreigners. Sexual relationship is only allowed among married couples of men and women and those unmarried couples whether Muslims, non-Muslims and foreigners caught by the religious department doing sexual relationship will be severely punished. No women and men are allowed to be in one hotel rooms for whatever reasons without having a married certificate.
All roads and streets in the city, small towns and villages have names and sign boards depicting the names of the roads and streets. All signs, street and road names are written with correct sizes letters to be visible at distances of hundred meters. All villages, small town and cities have names and the names are written on the entrance and the exit of the city, small town or villages. Every city, small towns and villages have their own directory and can be bought in all petrol stations at the respective cities, small towns and villages. Everyone will not have any difficulty in finding any roads, street and even houses in any city, small towns and villages. Every house in Malaysia will have internet access, telephone lines and electric cables. Every house will have at least one radio, television, refrigerators, washing machines, sofa and tables, computer and a car. All these items are made by government factories and are sold to the house owner at cost prices. Government will ensure all Malaysian without exception obtain all the basic necessities and comforts of life. All Malaysians will be wearing clean and beautiful clothes, driving a  good car, having clean and well furnished houses, eating good foods and living in a clean, well planned and beautiful city, small towns or villages.
Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin
March 2012
Dean of Faculty of Optometry
International University College of Technology Twintech
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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