Wednesday, August 1, 2012

China Bans Ramadan For Muslims

China Bans Ramadan For Muslims:

China have taken a very disturbing decision to forbid Muslims from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Communist Party decided that officials and students in the largely Muslim province of Xinjiang should not only be banned from fasting but also from visiting Mosques.

What LM finds absolutely astonishing about this shocking behaviour which could impact on the 50 Million Chinese Muslims is yes the decision but equally the manner this is being implemented where according to Al Jazeera party leaders are being ordered to bring "gifts" of food to local Muslim village leaders in order to ensure they and their Muslim villagers are eating during Ramadan.

LM has to say while I found the German decision to ban Muslim and Jewish circumcision disgraceful the Chinese are increasingly beginning to display worrying signs of behaviour on a par with the worst of the Nazi Regime in Germany.

China from a moral standpoint you should be ashamed however, from the purely political perspective of self preservation you have taken a step too far with regard to the 9 Million Muslim Uighars in Xinjiang who will react and punish you for your dangerous arrogance.
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