Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O' Woman

 Whom do I go to, whom should I ask
For earning my equality
And saving my dignity
Is such a daunting task

I told her soon 'My Dear'
What is that you fear ?
There's nothing to cry and beg
Even if that they always try to take

The dignity and equality you search
To find it you don't need no torch
These gifts you were born with
When you began to breathe

Know this O Woman, O bearer of life
Alike in peace & moments of strife
Never for a moment go to ask
And set yourself on a daunting task

When that you search is not elsewhere to be found
It courses in your veins & your voice's sound
Know your worth under brutal wrath
On rosy gardens and thorny path

Like the light of the sun
Like the white of moon
Like the flow of a brook
Like seeds of a fruit

You were created with pride
Never to confine at someone's side
But go and seize what you wish
Pay no heed to any man made leash


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