Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When is Ramadan 2012 (Friday 20 July?)

When is Ramadan 2012 (Friday 20 July?):
According to this impressive scientific website Ramadan 2012 is due to start on Friday 20 July inshallah. The Fiqh Council of North America are respected scholars who use scientific calculations to determine July's new Moon.

However, therein lies the proverbial difficulty with we Muslims because sadly the Fiqh Council website uses the dreaded words Science and astronomy which frankly old fashioned Muslims don't understand. As a result, rather than acknowledging the wonders of Science & Algebra Muslims gave the world sadly we now have to rely on some old Brother in Saudi or Pakistan verifying for himself with the naked eye sighting of a new moon before Ramadan is officially confirmed.

Still in doubt, well how about a science lesson on the validity of Astronomy in determining moon sighting. What is it with our Ulema who seem so bereft of intelligence and understanding about the basic concept of Science which enables us now to verify and establish the dates of Ramadan up to and including 2020.

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