Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dr Abdullah and his unfulfilled wishes..!

Pall of gloom and sadness has descended on the hearts of multitudes of Muslims of Tamil Nadu with the sad news of the death of Dr Abdullah former Periyar Dasan on Monday. (Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeewoon).

Dr Abdullah had been known as Periyar Dasan and was a legendery Dravidian leader, orator, author, psychologist, professor of philosophy and above all a diehard Islamist.

He had many wishes, desires which remained unfulfilled. He had wanted to translate the mater-piece of Seerah literature "Muhammad, the prophet of Islam" by Mohammad Haykal in Tamil. He had shared this dream with his friends many times. He wanted to write a book on his journey towards Islam. He wanted to write on psychology with Islamic perspective. He was of the view that the western thoughts and works on human mind had got entrapped in Nafs-e-Ammara alone. Very few ventured into Nafs-e-Lawaama.. And none of them had tasted the bliss of Nafs-e-Mutmainna. He wanted to write on it. He was of the opinion that the paramount problem facing the modern man is more psychological than material. We have to liberate the mankind from the clutches of Nafs-e-Ammara more than anything else, he would assert. He wanted to write a series of articles on this subject in Samarasam Tamil Fortnightly. I had suggested a title Alai paayum manasu..! (Wavering Mind.. Behaktaa dil..) He got excited with the title and liked it very much. Alas, that wish too was not materialised..!

He wanted to write on the life history of the Prophet of Islam. Some few months back too he expressed his desire to cut short his tours, speeches, programmes etc and dedicate himself to purely research and academic work on Islam. That too remained a unfulfilled desire on his part.

His only accomplishment was a documentary film on Periyar's affection towards Islam. He had captioned the film with a provocating title "Did Periyar embraced Islam?". At one of the functions he had expressed another weird desire. He wanted to make a documentary film on life and times of Umar bin Khattab (ra), recalls Sirajul Hasan, Chief Editor of Samarasam Tamil Fortnightly.

He wanted to do so many things. He lead an active life. People used to book him six months in advance for programmes, conferences, meetings, functions. Hardly a Sunday was without any programme for him..! Once I asked him the reason for his hectic activity..! Why do you strain yourself? Why don't you sit, relax, ponder and devote your time for writing? He brushed my query with his mysterious smile and said "I had been the torch-bearer of atheism in Tamil Nadu. Thousands of youngsters had become athiest because of my speeches. I want to reach out to them and save them from the fire of hell. I don't want to be the reason for their calamity.." His tone became serious and he uttered those words with eyes swelled with tears.

May Allah reward him with jannat Ameen.
Dr. Himana Syed

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