Sunday, August 11, 2013


People like us who were born between 1930-80 were really very, very lucky even if the present day children or people of this generation think about us otherwise or mock at us.

Not in separate beds we slept but with our mother and father together. We were not allergic to any type of food. Kitchen cup-boards wouldn’t have child-proof locks. We were not carriers of books like bullocks. We did not play with helmet while cycling. On return from school we would rush go to play till the sunset. We were not confined to a room, thus preventing ourselves from looking at the outside world.
We played with the living, natural, visible friends and not with invisible internet-friends. On being thirsty, we would straightaway go to drink water direct from street-taps and we would not look for bottled mineral water. Even if four friends drank and share the same juice, none had the fear of getting infected from one another. Even after having plate-full of sweets and rice, we wouldn’t be so much obese. Nothing would happen to our legs even if we roamed around throughout the day, bare-footed

We did not have to put on glasses despite studying under dim candle lights or street lights. We wouldn’t consume nutrient drinks for gaining body strength which we achieved by consuming the water poured on surplus rice remaining after the previous night’s meals. We gleefully played by making the game equipments on our own. Our parents were not rich millionaires. Still they did not run after money . They looked for and bestowed love and not items
We were very close to them. For them to be in touch with us ….a strong shouting was just enough. No need to look for mobile phone to call us. On being unwell, doctor would come to us and we wouldn’t run to the doctor

We did not convey our feelings through mobile with fake words. We conveyed our true feelings from our hearts through a letter. So we never broke our words. We had no cell-phone, DVD, Play Stations, X-box, video game, PC, Net, Chat but we had many true friends

Whenever wished, we would go to our friends’ houses and enjoyed ourselves having nice food and discussions. There was no need to seek prior permission to visit their houses. We had very talented leaders during our era. They spent their wealth for the society. They were not looting the wealth of the society like is being heard of nowadays

Relatives were very close to each other. So our hearts were serene and thus we did not need health insurance. Our photos would be in black and white but one could feel the colorful good intentions of the people therein. The photos taken now could be in colour but the thoughts of the people therein are dark . We were not beggars of freebies.

Please say now if we are lucky or unlucky after being born in that era.

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