Wednesday, February 24, 2010

milad un nabi banned in somalia

LUQ (Sh. M. Network) – the Islamic administration of Luq town in southern Somalia have formally banned the commemoration of Mowlid (the berth month of the prophet Muhammad) (Peace be Up on Him) for the people in the town, officials said on Sunday.

Sheik Hassan Al-iraqi, head of security of the Islamic administration in Luq town had read before the reporters two articles which he said that people in town were required to follow saying that two issues were: firstly the people of the town to be out of the former buildings of the Somali government and not to remember the Mowlid (the berth month of the prophet Muhamed) (Peace and Bless be Up on Him) in and around the town.

Sheik Al-iraqi told Shabelle radio that the commandments were good and important for the people in the town adding that the people were also required to be away from the sides of streets and markets of the town.

The official lastly said that the honor of Mowlid had no base for the Sharia law saying that all those articles would be conducted tomorrow asserting that who ever opposes the order would be taken a drastic step with the Sharia law.

Luq, is a town in gedo region in southern Somalia and controlled Islamic adminstration and there had been such orders imposed areas controlled by Al-shabab and Hizbul Islam organization in past year which caused fighting between the administration of Bardere town and other Islamist clerics on the refusal of honor of Mowlid, the berth month of prophet Muhamed (peace and Bless be Up on Him).

milad un nabi banned in somalia
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