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You have read many poems of Allama Iqbal. Some of his couplets are, most likely learnt by heart by you. He is our best poet. His poetry has most powerful exposition of Islamic thoughts and its message. Intensely great was his love for Allah and His Messenger. He was a great humanist. He wished well for mankind as a whole. His heart leaped in sympathy at the pangs and misfortunes of others. He was an enthusiastic standard-bearer of Islam. He wrote stirring poems not warmed up the hearts of people. His poems not only inspire readers to supreme moral excellence, but also actuate them to strive their utmost for the success of Islam.
For his excellent qualities Allama Iqbal was indebted to the good education and training imparted to him by his mother. She was a lady with great moral and intellectual caliber. She aspired to see her son attain towering moral stature. In fact every mother wishes so, but Allama Iqbal’s mother tried her utmost from the beginning itself to turn her dream into reality.
The earning of Allama Iqbal’s father was felt to be some what dubious. His mother did not consider her husband’s earnings as wholly lawful. Therefore she persistently tried to persuade her husband to switch over to some lawful means of subsistence. However, no such alternate arrangement suggested itself early, and in the meanwhile, Allama Iqbal was born. Now the mother was in a dilemma, as to how she could breast-feed the new-born baby. She could not reconcile herself to the idea of feeding her baby with the milk that is formed out of dubious income. She knew for certain that children who grow on sustenance which is earned out of unlawful means could never develop in them qualities of moral excellence, which she so ardently aspired to develop in her son.
How to resolve this dilemma was the question. At last a plan came to her mind. She sold off her gold ornaments which was prepared out of lawful earnings. With the amount so realized she purchased a goat and fed her child on the milk of that goat. By the Grace of Allah within a couple of months, her husband too succeeded in securing a mode of living which was permissible as per Shariyah. It was then only that the noble mother commenced breast-feeding her child.
It was the result of this utmost precaution of the mother that the child who grew up in her lap became whose heart was filled with compassion for others, which flowed with profuse exuberance in his poems and won the hearts of people

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One of the masterpieces by Allama Iqbal includes the nazm which goes - "Lab pe aati hai dua ..." It is a kind of dua (prayer) which asks God to bless us with some beautiful things like love for the entire world, love for one's country, love for knowledge that becomes a blessing for the entire mankind and lastly, compassion for all human beings.

Amazing poem of Dr ALLAMA IQBAL (r.a)


Shahid Mehboob said...

Could U give us a book referrence to the feeding of goat milk to Allama Iqbal by his mother - selling her gold ornaments, thus ensuring that infant Iqbal is fed Halal only .
We r looking for some athentic referrence for the above fact.
Shahid Islamabad

Mohd Asif Ali said...

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