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Ambur’s young philanthropist Nattamkar Farook Ahmed

By Shafee Ahmed Ko,,
The Town of Ambur (Vellore Dist) has a devout young man whose duty, as he feels, is only to honour the great scholars in Islam and serve them to his best. He has constructed a mosque, runs schools and he feels only to hallow the name of Allah. Himself being Hafiz-e-Quran, he wishes that youngsters become Hafiz along with the modern education.
The Ambur town in Vellore District is renowned for leather and allied industries and a major spot where majority of foreign exchequer made available. The name “Ambur” is known mostly in countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, UK and the USA far as the trade and industry is concerned. As of 2001 India Census, Ambur had a population of 99,855. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%, and Muslims enjoy almost 50% of the population and 90% of the leather Industry. Ambur has an average literacy rate of 70%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 53% of the males and 47% of females literate. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. Though the official population in 2001 recorded around 1, 00,000, but there is almost equal number of immigrants from Southern Districts, who have recently moved into the town. This apart, an approximate 12,000 people visit Ambur everyday for work from nearby villages and also from far off places such as Chennai & Bangalore. Ambur is also famous for its “Briyani”.

Apart from these topographic details, Ambur is proud of its pious Muslims both rich and poor alike. Ambur has shaped many scholars in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Tamil. There were renowned Ulemas and Hafeeze Quran. Ambur has prestigious schools and several mosques run by Muslim philanthropist.
To remember a humble industrialist Nattamkar Farook Ahmed, in his early fifties, a Hafiz-e-Quran, never can be an exaggerated flattery. Nearly 25 years ago I could attend a Bayan from an erudite Hafiz in mosque at Ambur (Phool Bhag Masjid) after the Tharaveeh Namaz. The discourse was very short and without digression. The gathering was big and spell bound on keenly listening to the Moulana.
At the end the Moulana thankfully informed all the devout listeners,” I am a way farer (Musafir), Brother Farook Ahmed picked me up, although I was reluctant on an insecure situation that I lost my baggage on transit, he could understand my dilemma and helped me. The greatest news I could tell you is that he honoured me by allowing addressing on Deen and Dunya in this Mosque. Islam teaches that a real needy should not be put to an embarrassment in any wanting situation, and help should go to him/her without asking and brother Farook Ahmed proved it.”. Those who attended this particular “Bayan” may well recollect and agree with me. There are several incidences like these and such picture may augur that someone is trying as sycophant.

The greatest and noble part that Farooque Ahmed has, the whole world knows "the humanity". In these days where own sons and daughters ignore their parents, when these people feel that their personal life is at stake, Farook Ahmed has come forward voluntarily for contribution for entire marriage expenses of the deprived, widows maintenance, and educational support of disadvantaged students. While his maternal uncle, Moulvi Hafiz Hazrath Jaffar Sahib was bedridden it was Farook Ahmed who felt the brunt of the situation. Farooque Ahmed has been keen in inviting great scholars of Islam whether they be from Egypt, Saudi or Pakistan, he has to take extraordinary interest to personally invite them to Ambur for any major religious events. In an event I personally know, that for an erudite and adept scholar from Pakistan visa was delayed from India. He flew to Delhi and camped there until the visa was cleared and Moulana was consequently camping in India after successful clearance of visa. This is the “shouque” and “Ishque” (Real Heart and Mind) Farooque Ahmed has in honouring and respecting the Ulema Ikrams.
Half a decade ago, I met Farooque Ahmed, and he personally took me to the mosque he was constructing after his father late Nattamkar Mohammad Hashim as “Masjid-e-Hashim” When I expressed my desire that I would write a short biography on him, he said not to do so, since he felt out of favour what he said was a "propaganda" or self boasting. I well remember that one of my teachers saying that,” Those who erect schools and masaajids never die”. This will aptly apply with Farooque Ahmed. The philanthropist Farooque Ahmed’s some of the social ventures are appended below for further reading:

The foundation stone for this Mosque “Masjid-e-Hashim” was laid by Moulana Tanveerul Haq sahib Thanvi, Karachi, Pakistan, on Friday 21.5.2004 after Juma prayer and the complete construction of Mosque was made in a record period of 2 years and it was inaugurated on Monday 18 December 2006, initiating the Magrib Prayer for public by Moulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi Sahib, Thanvi, Imam of Jamia Mosque, Jacob line, Karachi, Pakistan. Farooque Ahmed remains as the Founder Trustee of the mosque, Shaik Mohammad Usman of Chennai was the architect behind and Sharafath Ali took the responsibility as Civil Engineer. A beautiful minaret is on progression and completion is expected soon.
There is a “Maktab” for boys namely Maktabe Shamsul Uloom and a ladies Madarsa “Madarsa-E-Aysha Islahul Banath” are attached to this mosque.
The photos will speak that how meticulous care to every detail Farooque Ahmed has taken for the immaculate perfection of the “Masjid-e-Hashim”
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