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Mom Hillary ... Why is your eye red?

Mom Hillary ... Why is your eye red?

Mama Hillary ... Why your eyes red?
An opinion poll published last week that NATO did not succeed in winning the hearts of the Afghans and not their minds ...! (perhaps succeeded in winning many lives on both sides!)
Said Noreen McDonald (I noticed that her first name, like Pakistani-known, while the second half of an American to the core and very Americanized) President of the Board of the International Security and Altmanip: "We fail to introduce ourselves and explain our goals for the Afghan people. This provides clear opportunities for the propaganda of the Taliban and al-Qaeda against the West ":
(Finally admit the truth!). (But the stated objectives of the main purposes is hidden; this will not Isedkkm one). (Maybe it was better to admit to themselves and among themselves tell the whole truth).
And I will focus on the most important results of this poll, which found that 68 percent believe that NATO forces are not protected. And that 75 percent believe that foreigners do not respect their religion and traditions.
The news is not surprising that I remembered not for the pictures of a very nice fit to be put on the doors of women's associations in the last century. When they were beautiful women of the upper-class sport and go out to visit orphanages for photographs published in the next day under the title (one of the happiest mothers orphaned benefactors to the most beautiful ... Thank you). And everything in it that women were as much as "donors" of money for these images and impressions of this ad, as well as the acquisition of this title (mothers) and as such (benefactors).

In the twenty-first century shows a handsome soldier, the great white is to guide children in Afghanistan, small gifts, perhaps the size of the bombs that fall on them. Cards may be, for example, images from Mama America! We do not know but there are dozens of children standing and sitting in a row, and most of them barefoot blinds shadow of the wall as prisoners awaiting condescend soldier gifts before taking the pictures. And certainly would say in the newspapers and sites the following day: the world of the happiest children in Afghanistan for the most beautiful and noble parents and soldiers of the world ... Thank you for the gifts. But they forgot that these children may already feel that this soldier's father to them simply because they have lost their parents in a U.S. air strike hit a civilian reckless or intentional mistake. 

Mami Hillary when she accepted and Tant Kunda to the time that the shelling error is inevitable in war. Of course, do not you know that we Qzva Vietnamese napalm Muharraq to the extent that the child came out naked evasion, saying it burn burn too? Then lied to the father image enhanced Nixon, did not lie to attack civilians! Happens a lot is normal, do not you know?
And because the picture does not lie Here are beautiful young girls in Afghanistan who look from a distance of one of NATO ... What is going on in the minds of these innocent girls who do not know the vocabulary of life but war and lost family, one by one. You'll love this father supposed to arbitrary simply because it gave her a gift naive? Do not know forever be the cause of people killed tomorrow and yesterday? Is this idiocy Afghans, for example? 

Maybe Hillary would say to Mama: Mama Hillary, why are your eyes red? As Lily said small naive when it reveals the ugly face of the wolf.

I am not against the war on terrorism, but against the bombing of civilians every day, under any pretext. And I repeat: not every foreigner in Pakistan or Afghanistan Alkhaddain. There are those who wrote them and Sedkthm as the essay (three cups of tea). for one reason and self-evident that they came by chance without measure and not an agreement with NATO forces, and not Taliban or al-Qaeda (and three of them over). Fnon the author of his second book (books build peace, not bombs). And not as it came hordes of the armies of NATO's war in sync with the slogans of a civil society and the development and education of children. Oops ... Armies are good only at war. And bodies associated with it were not to come alone, prior to this war. Tsagr when political conditions in any country, and there will be a free Parliament and a strong state, it will change itself according to the will of its people because it is a fully mature and not a beggar for change outside. What is the meaning of a society, however, and destroy other hand? What is the meaning Medfek be corrected for the mother to lie dead with scores under the ashes in an stupid and you give a gift and a brochure for her son, who survived? what he would do a generation of people with the scourge of war for change?
Tired of the previous image? Want to paint a better picture? So, Come and see the mother's beautiful upscale appearance instilled long painted nails painted blood-red in the flesh of a child only if his badness? And will not really have is her son, and will not be the mother. Svat blood and explode in her face and white clothes become very high degrees of decorative red Kalehip spotted. It appears more and more dark heart, and brain malignant Blazing purple as reason the devil ... and everything in this universe of fear to shut these colors are damned, and if he were saying it or do whatever you want son? Mama America when she went out to children of the world ... to wish she left her daughter and merely real.
To see these beautiful images and the pleasures of your eyes. Where do you go to these beautiful images and would this innocence forever? I saw the pictures and very beautiful and wonderful faces too. How much they are great, these children who smile and give us that life and hope this Baptsamthm simple automatic and possibly for no reason just because they saw people strangers in front of them smiling shyly and love. Even though they tomorrow would turn the pieces and pile of ashes by the raid but a deliberate NATO may contain depleted uranium and white phosphorus, or waiting for the day after tomorrow, and years later, young Isthilon no hope in life and may also become new rules for terrorism in the same location as the armies of the world poured it another fire to destroy terrorism. Mahecma supply of camels.
On the same day I finished writing the article decided to transmittal to the story ... the story is inflicted, and more stable. It also Stkrzini clumsy diplomacy, and fear of censorship projected indirect mama without prejudice to the United States. Then came the killings of medical group who was killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban, despite their knowledge that they are doctors. They killed in cold blood without guilt. I hurt for what happened, and regretted that this horrible incident. So I decided to publish the article without hesitation. Clarified the rules of the game after about ten years of the war on terrorism. So the Taliban would not change her mind, does change the volunteers opinion? Volunteers will tell you: Leave the civilians they do not deserve? I do not think Aid will continue until God provides is fulfilled. Probably filled with sorrow for the killing of group medical doctor know I just like beating hearts with how to help all human beings. I've read a book once great men and great women, and specifically mention the doctor who emigrated Europeans with whom he loved and the piano and lectures by to visit Africa are, and often is met with even succeeded in winning the love of people. May have been difficulties and criticism and attempts to murder. But he knew from that there is a danger to his life. And continued as planned; that he believed in his message lacks any interest and away from any policy. and this will continue to aid against the Taliban and al Qaeda. I thought that a group of perpetrators cutters way just because they appeared in the woods on the outskirts of the country, which warned parents to entered into, but the medical team insisted on crossing it feel safe and Ronevi area called to provide medical service. Not likely that any attack me or neurotic attributed to the Taliban and al-Qaeda willingly or not their desire for exerting power in their view, or ugly in the eyes of the world. May conclude that the problem is not solved by war. And it is imperative that there is a solution that we ignore. but I do not want to continue to murder and indiscriminate shelling despite all calls to common sense and attempts to obtain alternative solutions. and between this and that child dies and die and die in family physicians. In Afghanistan, I see not only doctors and innocent citizens killed. Bodies that are harvested today was alive yesterday, and was moist Che lives and promising just ended in moments. And humans alive today are waiting for each moment of death, and they carry their lives in their hands at every step. How long?

Forget the romantic images and literature, rhetoric, and refined axioms, we resort to the method of scientific or political. listen to the first axiom, which says that the fight against terror with terror is not useful but may increase the fuel to the fire ... So, is there a solution to what is happening in this vicious circle? Or that technology and progress and Western civilization Menthahm wars? Why, then left to the barbarians and the Dark Ages and the terrorists who call them, then fighting them Ptvs way? Do we say thank you, Mr. President, again and again for a few heads? As spoken by the writer Paulo Coelho in his famous essay of the Bush years during the war on Iraq after Afghanistan. Are there any solutions in sight, but offset by the arrogance and intolerance of the American way of dialogue and management of the bank of the world? I do not know. Read and think about it, and then type. And when out of no issue to tell you I do not know. Ista not mind for more than this. I say to you: Ramadan Kareem.
    We’ve shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a real threat to our force”. General Stanley McChrystal, former U.S.-NATO commander in Afghanistan
The U.S.-led war on Afghanistan is like the U.S.-led war on Iraq; to destroy the country and to indiscriminately kill large numbers of Afghan civilians. The aim is to terrorise the civilian population into submission using the so-called “War on Terrorism” as a cover-up for a U.S.-led war of terror.
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الرجا الضغط على الصورة للتكبير

Depleted Uranium Ammunition in Afghan War: New Evidence

The WikiLeaks Report, Civilian Deaths, and 'Indiscriminate' Attacks

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