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It is a disease, typically strikes in early adulthood, devastating the education and career forming years of many of its victims. This disease affects one person in a hundred and patients afflicted with this disease occupy nearly half of the bed in psychiatric hospital. Nearly half of those who experience schizophrenic episodes never really recovered. Some of the symptoms of schizophrenia are delusion, which are unshakable false ideas about reality and hallucination, which are sensory perception, such as hearing voices or seeing vision that do not exist. The patient of schizophrenia may have trouble finding the right words to express and when he does, he may show a very inappropriate emotion. He may laugh at sad events and his behaviour is bizarre .

Evidence is mounting that schizophrenia involves a physiological disturbances in the parts of the brain that mediates thought, mood and emotions. Researchers have found abnormalities in the limbic system and prefrontal cortex of the brain, in-patient inflicted with schizophrenia. Since the antipsychotic drugs use to treat schizophrenia work by reducing dopamine, it is possible that schizophrenia has relationship with excess production of dopamine. In conventional medicine, schizophrenic patients are treated using neuroleptic medications and patients have to be dependent on the drugs. The drugs are only to relieve the symptoms and it does not cure the disease.

Can schizophrenia be treated and cured? According to our Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w all diseases can be cured and as Muslim, the words of our Prophet is certainly true and using the principles lay down by our Prophet, we certainly can cure schizophrenia that has inflicted millions of people in the world. According to our Prophets, the centre of our body is the stomach and the bowel and we can treat all diseases when we initially treat the stomach and the bowel. CLICK

When the bowel and the stomach are good then the blood will be good and the person will get good health. Stress affects the health of the stomach and bowel. In order to treat schizophrenia we have to treat initially both the physical and the emotional stress. Physical stress treats with correct food supplements, physical exercises and correct diet while the emotional stress treats with the self-talk therapy. Once the stresses reduce, the stomach and the bowel will starts to function effectively and the blood circulating the body will be cleaner and more nutritious. Once the blood becomes cleaner and nutritious, the brain will get more oxygen and nutrition. When the brain is well nourished, inflammation of brain tissues will subsides and finally becomes normal, CLICK. Once the brain tissues become normal, the brain start to function and secrete dopamine normally and the patients cured from schizophrenia.

‘In 2003, a patient came to see me with the symptoms that doctors had diagnosed as having mental illness known as schizophrenia. He was on medication but the patient refused to take because he believed the medication will not cure his illness and his father, a lecturer brings the patient to me for treatment. Initially the father and the patient believed that the disease is due to the works of devils and jinn’s. Prior coming to me the father has brought him to one ‘bomoh or dukun’ who claim that he can catch the jinn and put them in bottles.

Five jinn’s have been caught and cost him five hundred ringgit but the condition of the son remain the same. It happens that the son was studying in one madrasah and the ustaz of the madrasah have also read surah yassin around him and made him also to drink yassin water, but his condition remain the same. He stopped studying in the madrasah and asked to go home as the ustaz has concluded that the jinn’s was too strong and the ustaz was incapable of driving the jinn away. When he was treated using the above method of treatment of soul, mind and body, he finally cured from schizophrenia and continues to study in the same madrasah. Now he is an alim and hafiz of Qurans.’

Schizophrenia is a disease of the mind, body and soul. It started with the patient having stress that was not treated. The untreated stress affects the function of the stomach and the bowel, which in turn affects the quality of the blood. When the blood quality becomes reduce, it causes inflammation of the brain tissues related to schizophrenia. Because of acute inflammation of brain tissues, the brains secrete dopamine excessively. Excess dopamine in the brain causes symptoms related to schizophrenia. When brain tissues return to normal, patient becomes normal. Generally, in traditional medicines schizophrenia diagnosed as the work of evil spirit such as jinn and the treatment usually involve removing the jinn from the person. In conventional medicine, there is no cure for schizophrenia. In case you are interested to get treatment of schizophrenia using the above method, please contact our clinic 603-61853089 for appointment.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Source : 
Perception, Hallucination, and Illusion

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