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Tears Strip 1


A wounded Palestinian boy

 A girl fleeing the devastation

                                          Filmmakers Vibeke Løkkeberg and Terje Kristiansen

Produced by: Teriya Kristiansen, director: (Vepki to Kberg), post: surgeon Mads Gilbert

Photo: two Palestinians, Yousef Abu Sharia, Saad Al-Sabbagh, a young Swedish and Mary Christensen.
Running time: 85 minutes - the film: five minutes from the archives of the Western media and the rest images than in the Gaza Strip (150 hours) offered for the first time.
According to site and view the film and the Hollywood Reporter site and sayings posted on several sites with the filmmakers (director and producer). VBulletin Licensing introduce you to the quote above. Then follows a private reading, God willing, in a post to come

Film poses a question Is it possible to introduce the film maker for Arab-Israeli conflict without charge a what? Director to answer that it is under to the impact of the war, especially on women and children. Soldiers in the wars expect to death, while the defenseless citizens do not know how to interact with the dead children and houses exploded! Sorrowing father, who lost her child (where I come from forgiveness and forgiveness?). The fact that the film talks about the (Gaza), it may be attracted to the Arabs, and Israel has avoided. Shown in cinemas in Europe, North America, but being at festivals only. These things, you should see because the media is trying to make us like puppets to ratify all the publicity about the events. Our recent experience of Tarbiat and Ekilekis and the horrors of Iraq. Film appears as a coarse and irregular, like the war itself. The director wanted to portray aspects of the film after I saw the child survivors of war in the television program. The film depicts the shocking truth behind the numbers declared from the proceeds of the aggression on Gaza over the past 22 days. Says that during the siege to prevent journalists from entering the world of Gaza, but got the article for the film. The tragedy of Gaza is not much different in the tragic fate of Nazi death camps in Warsaw, Poland.

The director tells the story of her fears of not showing the film because of propaganda, and supplied much of Amaantha even able to filming and how broke Israel stubbornly entering Gaza, and what was that, unless requested and explained to the photographers what you want as a movie and as a report is not news. And commended the team has done photography during the war and beyond. Also contacted Btbibin Norwegians who were able to enter Gaza Vocefa Bamartia her command, which must be stopped. Film collection of 150 hours of filming over 10 months from 15 to 20 source. For example, when they had to say one of the film's characters that Israeli soldiers prevented fishermen from fishing to attend the clips to prove it, and has been. And a trip out raw material for the film from the Gaza Strip on the border was full of insults and have full inspection, and this is what the Palestinians are suffering on the border every day, says the director. (Making this film made us Netgear). The film in itself prove that the bombing of Gaza was a war crime. Israel denies using white phosphorus bombs, but this is well illustrated in the film. And for not showing the other side (Israel) say: When the bombs are falling on top of someone, it does not there is the other side. See in the movie that parents raise their children to grow up good and are not suicide bombers but the events make them frustrated with no life and no future. I can not know what is the solution. While Israel has cut off all avenues of life of the infrastructure around them until the sewer causing them to spend to the sea where they bathe. U.S. forces did the same thing in Iraq. This is called community-based genocide. sociocide
Film is different from what documents the impact of being preceded by psychological and social to be a victim of war. Images you can repeat the change history. And also that this film difficult to watch, it is not easy Gla vow than in our archive. For example, Israel was bombing bombs on children like to play.
The film begins with our heroes our children (Yahya, formal, and Princess).
Child on the beach (Yahya) remembers when he was visited with his father who was killed, and wants to be a doctor to address the hepatitis Israel. (The father was the one lost all Aqraiba). Spetan Tgian pulsing their story while filming because of the bombing. After years of deprivation of the infrastructure and the economic occupation of the war comes to difficult to deal with the damage and the fire opted to citizens themselves to extinguish the fire themselves to the scarcity of fire brigade vehicles. Finds the wounded civilians from the rubble and body parts and dead. Out children amputees injured parties or window in the head. Mother scream and hit her face. Movement of civilian vehicles filled with wounded to hospitals. Doctors trained racing against time to rescue the wounded and most of them children. Falling bombs, phosphorus, which burns and eats meat. And as well as explosives, which broke the body of the head up and Tvhmh, leaving nothing for parents to recognize the bodies and do not keep their words to express their grief for. Father and daughter eat joy, but it reveals her body and may eat the flesh of the phosphorus her head by leaving scars. Wonder how the father can protect? If they gave us the world will not forgive. Medical staff clothing reveals about the bodies of three children shot from near the camera documented and stressing that it had executed. Was ejected by the Israeli forces and fired on the family. Wondered how the director and producer of one not want the world to see what is happening in Gaza?
When he shot the father of (Princess) asked her sister and her younger brother that they should hold and attend the ambulance. And when he came out wounded and killed. Princess feel guilty.
Princess returned to Gaza in spite of the doctors advised her not to return, but said tearfully: (Be I hope I go with them). They hoped that if cited to be with her family. I have no meaning without my family, without my younger sister. Delivered them to the border by Egypt and the lack of papers and it took a long time to allow her to enter Gaza. But the border is another nightmare.
Farah restaurant sad:
Success or the wedding ceremony does not carry the joy, but sorrow. On the day of his wedding, the groom does not rejoice, as it lost most of his family and became broken and no future. Tells the children horror stories of cameras on and how their books were burned and destroyed their schools and how they escaped. Mother looking for clothes for her daughter from the markets where smuggled through the tunnels, but find it expensive. And after the war could return everything to normal, but it seems that the war left in the face of grief prevents this natural. I became full of people something of grief and revenge and fate.
Dating the director of Champions: a child wants to be a doctor, and the girl (princess) you want to become a lawyer to defend its territory. People will continue to be alive despite the bombing. And the young man who continues without parents, money and children who want to save from the rest of their families and their neighbors from suffering. Wars of the way so as not to end. This powerful idea behind the theater events in Gaza.
It's important that these things get shown because the media tries to make us into puppets who will believe all the accepted propaganda about events. We have the experience of WikiLeaks and the atrocities in Iraq
"The plight of Gaza resembles nothing so much as the tragic fate of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland."
We spoke to Lokkeberg and producer Terje Kristiansen, her husband. The documentary ought to be shown widely; it reveals the "openly criminal character" of the imperialist powers, as their conduct increasingly recalls "the fascist atrocities of Guernica and the Warsaw Ghetto."
TK: That's why casualty figures don't give the true emotional sense of the crime. The main purpose of the film is to document the emotional impact of being the victim of a war. Images can change history. And as difficult as this film is to watch, it is a mild version of what we have in our archive. For example, they use bombs around the children that look like toys.

Tears of Gaza
Gazas tårer-Vibeke Løkkeberg

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Film Cast:
Executive Producer: Terje Kristiansen
Cinematographer: Yosuf Abu Shreah, Saed Al Sabaa, Marie Kristiansen
Editor: Svein Olav Sandem, Terje Kristiansen
Sound: Christian Schaanning
Music: Lisa Gerrard, Marcello De Francisci
Production Company: Nero AS
Vibekke Løkkeberg has, with the aid of Mads Gilbert.

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 A History of the Arab Peoples

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