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10 Odd Allergies

Can you imagine yourself to be allergic to the most desired thing of your life? Believe it or not it does happen to many people. You have seen people around you who are sneezing, coughing or rubbing their skin because of itching, but have you ever asked the reason of their allergy? If you ask only then you will know the strange facts about allergies.  Allergy is basically an exaggerated immune response to something that is most commonly not harmful and that is why there are a lot of strange and odd reasons of reactions. In this article I am introducing you to ten allergies that happen due to some odd reasons, they are as follows.

10. Allergic to Vibrations

People with sensitive skin are the most commonly become the victim of this allergy in which an episode of urticaria induce in the body parts by the vibrations of machinery like cars and lawnmowers. Just like other allergies, it is caused by the wrong perception of immune system to harmless object and immune system responds in defense to the object as it may cause any damage to the body. Welt, rashes, hives and other skin reactions immediately appear almost within five minutes and remain for hours or days as urticaria comes from histamine. The allergy can be treated by antihistamine or by calamine lotion.

9. Allergic to Sunlight

It is found that there are a number of allergies that happens due to sun but the allergy I am talking about is a special type of allergy which is known as solar urticaria. This allergy is uncommon unlike other forms of it that are caused by sun and only a few people are reported by far that suffered from solar urticaria.  The ultraviolet rays from sun induces hives or urticaria on the skin of the effected, and in some cases even the visible light was found to be the reason of allergy in both covered and uncovered areas of body.

 8. Allergic to Deodorants

It is really very irritating to sit beside a person who is stinking and sweating but many people are bound to stink as they are allergic to deodorants. It seems weird but it is true that people actually suffer from this kind of sensitivity which actually happens due to one or more ingredients that a deodorant contains. In this allergy, the suffering person experience pain, redness, burning, cracking of the skin, rash, painful pustules, and it’s horrible to know that in severe cases it can root puss-oozing cuts. It can be prevented by using the deodorants which do not contain that particular element which causes the reaction.

7. Allergic to Underwear

This is a really troublesome allergy because it originates from wearing the underwear but the allergy is even worse as the people bear pain, itching and blisters in the particular area. More often these people cannot even touch the affected area which makes it a night mare for them to put on an underwear. The allergy is common in both men and women and the good thing is that they can get rid of it by simply avoiding the specific fabric which is responsible for it, in most cases polyester, cotton, latex etc. The situation could turn severe; in that case the patient should consult a dermatologist.

6. Allergic to Kissing

It may sound humorous that a person is allergic to kissing and you must have already exclaimed “poor guy” in your head by now but it actually happens to some unlucky individuals. When the person experiences it, he suffers from hives, rashes, prickly eyes, blisters on eyelids, puffy lips, and respiration problems. It cannot cause a severe danger but passionate kisses can do that. Someone’s lips tongue or skin is not responsible for the reaction but it actually happens due to a particular food and medicinal reaction.

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