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Our leader the late Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia developed Dasar Ekonomi Baru or DEB in order to ensure that all Malaysians share equally the richness of the country. Economic prosperity shared equally among all the races of the country was the dream that all our leaders in the past had. All of them want the dream to come true. Our leaders were convinced that unequal distribution of wealth among the races in Malaysia would cause instability and state of unrest in the country. Without peace and stability, our leaders were convinced that our country would not be able to become a modern and prosperous nation. The incidence of racial riots in 13 May 1969 has thought our leaders a great lesson that economic prosperity must not go in line with race. Prior to the incidence of 13 May 1969, the Chinese was the wealthiest race while the Malays and the Indians are the poorest race in Malaysia.

Malays mainly live in the villages, the Indians in the rubber estates while the wealthiest Chinese live in the towns and cities of Malaysia. The Chinese mainly do business while the Malays were either working with the government or working as farmers and the Indians were mainly the workers in the rubber estates. Our government at that time under the leadership of the late Tun Abdul Razak, the father of our present Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib embarked on the New Economic Policy or DEB in order to eradicate poverty among all races and to eliminate demarcation of prosperity in line with race. In other words, DEB aims to eradicate general poverty among all of the races in the country particularly among the Malays and other Bumiputras, which happen to be the majority, and the earliest to settle in the country.
When the New Economic Policy presented to the nation in 1970 by the late Tun Abdul Razak, it seems Malaysia with the new economic policy will solve her  problems forever. DEB will ensure that all races particularly the Malays and Indians will be equally prosperous as the Chinese. Our leaders at those times and until today believe that when all races are equally prosperous the country will enjoy stability, peace and harmony. With equal share of prosperity all, the three major races in Malaysia will be happy and contented; this will contribute greatly in maintaining peace, and harmony in the country. With the New Economic Policy, the government wants to ensure that the incidents of racial riots of 13 May 1969 will never happen again in the future.

In order to eradicate poverty among the Malays, the government embarked on a large scale programmed to help the poor but intelligent Malay students that live in the rural areas to study in a modern and well-equipped residential school in the towns and cities of the country. When these Malays intelligent students completed their secondary educations with good results, the government helps them to further their studies in good universities overseas as well as local. Under the New Economic Policy, the governments spent large amount of money in order to provide scholarships to these Malay students to study abroad as well as in the country. As a result of the New Economic Policy that was introduced in the early seventies there are many Malays start to graduate as doctors and engineer in late seventies and early eighties. In my opinion, this intelligent Malay student without the New Economic Policy will remain a poor villager. They will either doing the work that his predecessor used to do, as a farmer, angler or to work with the government as a primary teacher, police or soldier. The best profession that the normal Malays used to have prior to 1970 is to become a teacher.

Without the New Economic Policy, the Malays will never dream to become professionals such as doctors, engineers’ optometrist, dentist and architect. Because of the New Economic Policy, more Malays become professionals, entered corporate world, and become global economic player. The New Economic Policy was very successful in terms of educating the Malays and making them professional, business entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. In doing so the governments to a certain extent have eradicates poverty among some Malays.The New economic Policy have benefitted the poor, intelligent and hard working Malays. This programmed must continue in MEB. The government must continue to give scholarship to the poor intelligent Malays and the poor intelligent Indians students. The Malay professionals that has becomes successful through the New Economic Policy must be encouraged to help the government to provides scholarship to the poor but intelligent Malay students and the rich Indians must help the government to help the poor but intelligent Indians students.

New Economic Policy or DEB failed to eradicate poverty in the majority of the Malays. The government was trying to eradicate poverty among the Malays by making them farmer or anglers as well as businessperson. The government has tried many ways to help the Malays to become businesspersons and there are so many government agencies to help the Malays to do business. However most Malays failed to become successful businesspersons in spite all the helps from the government. The failure of the New Economic Policy in eradicating poverty among the Malays is due to the Malays mentality and attitudes. Generally, Malays like to work with the government rather than to do business because Malays are generally lazy when compared with the Chinese. A person who wants to do business and becomes successful must be a hardworking person. Since the Malays are lazy and they like to earn money the easy way, they usually fail when they do business.
When the government gives the Malays, certain license to do certain business the Malays will think the easy way to earn money. They will let the Chinese or the Indians to use their license and do the business and they are happy enough just to get monthly allowance from them. Many Malays think that to get money without work is a blessing and to work hard in this world is the practice of those who love the world. Many Malays do not understand and regard Islam as a complete ways of life and they do not regard working is also a form of worship. With this mentality, the Malays are generally lazy. Although the Malays do not like to work hard like the Chinese but they like to have more money and they like to spend and enjoy like the Chinese.
Because of this mentality, the Malays are cheated easily with ‘get quickly rich scheme ’than the Chinese are. New Economic Policy failed in eradicating poverty among majority Malays and similarly the New Economic Model will fail if the government is not willing to do something on the mentality and the attitudes of the Malays. There are Malays who like to do business but when situation is tough, they lack perseverance and give up the business. The Malays who are working with the government are also lazy in executing and implementing government policy. Due to the mentality and attitudes of the Malays, no matter what type of economic policy introduced by the government, it will end with failure. The government must learn their lessons from the failure of the New Economic Policy in eradicating poverty among Malays. Since the introduction of the New Economic Policy the Malays cannot even achieved the thirty percent target that the Malays should have a share in the richness of the country. I fully agreed with the opinion of Datuk Salleh Majid an economic specialist that MEB will also fail if all sectors including the government, the corporate and the entire citizen particularly Malays are not doing reformation on the way of thinking and the ways they conduct themselves while doing their daily work.
In order to solve our problem we should act like a doctor. As a doctor, we should know the causes of our diseases and we should know the treatment. We cure diseases when correct treatment is applied. We are not solving our problems since we have not treated the causes of the problems. In order to treat the mentality and the attitudes of the Malays we have to change the way Malays think and belief. Using method known as self-talk therapy Insha’Allah, we can treat Malays wrong attitudes. All Malays that receive government contract, subsidies or any financial aids from the government must take the therapy. The laziness of the Malays can be cured using self-talk therapy. When their laziness cured, then only they can obtain government financial assistance. All government workers especially the Malays must take the therapy, Pekerja Bestari. A researched done on this therapy by a researcher in University Utara Malaysia has shown very positive results. All workers that have taken the therapy for six months have shown improvements in their attitudes towards work. Those that have taken the therapy have become more hard working and productive in their work. With the grace of Allah I have develop a therapy that can treat and cure human behaviors and all praise belong to Allah. Allah has bestowed me with the knowledge that enables me to develop the therapy. With the permission of Allah, many have used the therapy and have improved in their behaviors. Those interested please read or contact;
Shahrul Nizam Shahdan~ 012-626 7945
Terapi Mengubah Perangai: http://www.anakbestari.com.my/
Kedai Buku Online: http://www.ilmukejayaan.wordpress.com
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
April 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Source : http://mthago.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/dasar-ekonomi-baru-and-model-ekonomi-baru-will-it-works/

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