Thursday, August 12, 2010

Muslim NRI launches “Voice of Bihar” bilingual monthly

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,
Patna: Bihar has about 90 million population, more than that of many countries put together. The language of this huge human population is Urdu or Hindi, not English, thus there is vast space for vernacular media,” said Darbhanga-born and Dubai-based NRI Omer Hejazeen at the launch of his bilingual monthly “Voice of Bihar” here yesterday at Hotel Chanakya.
Outlining the precincts of the periodical Hejazeen said it will work for the development of Bihar by informing and educating the masses about their rights and government programs. “We will side with only truth, not any party or politician,” said the NRI who has businesses in several countries including India. In the last four and half years, Hejazeen has invested huge sum in several government-guided projects.

Omar Hejazeen launching news website "Voice of Bihar"
Launching the monthly in Urdu and Hindi, Bollywood star and BJP Member of Lok Sabha from Patna Saheb constituency in Bihar’s capital, Shatrughan Sinha showed his love for Urdu. “The language is national heritage, not confined to any particular religious community,” said Sinha adding his recent talk on Urdu in the Lok Sabha.

L-R: Ex-Union Minister MAA Fatmi, BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha, LJP MLA Izhar Ahmad
At the occasion, Omer Hejazeen, the director of Okpet Groups and chief editor of “Voice of Bihar”, also launched a news portal with the same name.
[Photos by Mudassir Rizwan,]

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