Sunday, September 5, 2010

19-yr-old Imran sacrificed his life to save two Hindu boys

By Naushad Ahmad for,
Siwan: Setting a highest example before communalists in the society, 19-year-old Imran sacrificed his life while saving two Hindu boys in Ranipur village of Siwan district. He drowned but before that he was able to save the boys in the pond near his home.
It was 1.30 pm of a humid after noon at Ranipur on September 1, 2010 when Imran returned to his home from Siwan city after buying clothes and shoes for himself to celebrate Eid, but God had written something else in his destiny.

Within five minutes after he arrived home, he heard some boys screaming in the pond near his home. Imran reached the spot in no time. He didn’t know swimming and he was fasting too, but he couldn’t see boys dying in front of him. The brave Imran jumped into the pond to save the two boys who were screaming for help. He saved both of them but unfortunately he lost his own balance and went into deep water and couldn’t pull himself out.
Villagers started search operation but they couldn’t trace him for an hour. They again searched for him, finally found him. They took him out of the pond and rushed him to nearby hospital but the doctors there declared him “brought dead”.
Imran was the elder son of Mr. Sultan Ahmed and he was a ray of hope for his poor family. Just a few months back he had completed his draftsmanship course and was planning to seek a job in gulf countries to help his family. He had applied for Passport last week only.
The residents of Ranipur and all other nearby villages are in shock at this heart breaking incident.
Imran’s funeral prayer was attended by a big crowd and the brave son of Ranipur was buried in the village Kabristan.
The villagers hope the Bihar government will forward Imran’s name for Indian National Bravery Award and Jeevan Raksha Padak.

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