Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The best plans of spontaneous

                            The best plans of spontaneous

by Drsonnet Sonnet Cardiology specialist

This entry comes in the context of the definition of many codes usually follow. If you like the idea; why do not you declare your visitors, including sequencing of codes of constructive criticism in its codification of each code? Dozens of blogs I follow, and you quick definition before.

. Now, it's role to put the paragraph definition of codes or distinctive selection of blog entries to display I liked you. Tried and help one another and do not be stingy with you on some of you bloggers in the Arab mutual information.Start with the name of God ...

E-book: the best plans of spontaneous


Says the author of the book:the size of Earth thanked all readers

Thank you to all the readers and observers, I am always your presence and your words, thank you very much and a kiss from the heart!
So make your life happier, do not forget that this book and shared this post on Twitter and Facebook:)
I think it is a code book of the distinctive and interesting and attractive at the same time ... how much she enjoyed it and I hope that you will read and downloaded from this link
You extract from it some of the paragraphs:

    Know any tasks that steal your time
    Tasks that take you to a great time but it's not the most important tasks, try to avoid Almahm implemented with the other. Find out which sites and programs that it can take you much time. And try to avoid visit during your performance for other tasks. Do you talk on the phone through the work of what concerns you and takes a lot of time you? And if so, switch off your phone through your work, remind yourself to your business the primary so as not to indulge in the modern ...

    Postpone the prayer for a few minutes to complete your job ... I do not

When you are immersed in the performance of work and what time of the prayer, and tell yourself that you can finish the job and then go to the mosque or prayer, then Prevent yourself completely from thinking in the district of minutes for the full business, just leave everything, and from your place and go to prayer, and this decision will not regret by all. 

Source : http://shayunbiqalbi.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-post_31.html

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