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Self-talk technique is the simple way of programming your subconscious mind in the normal wakeful state to achieve any thing in life. In this technique you will replace the old negative programming in your subconscious mind by your conscious positive specific statements. The “Self Talk Technique” will give your subconscious mind a new set of directions, which will help you to motivate yourself in any area of your life. There are three ways of applying Self Talk.
1. General Self-Talk: Keep talking positive at all the times within yourselves.
2. Situational Self-Talk: At different situations use different positive Self Talk, depending upon the situations.
3. Motivational Self-Talk: This Self Talk is practiced everyday. Read the following passages loudly. As you read them, make yourself feel that they are true you. Read every sentence with lot of feelings. You can modify them or add more sentences to suit your needs.
I have set my goals and I am achieving it. I know what I want. I have a clear picture of what I want. I know how to get it. I go after it and get it. I can see it in front of me. I can do anything that I want in my life.
I have the ability and inner power to achieve my goals. My goals and my incredible belief in myself turn my goals into reality. I am in control of my goals. I practice ‘Breathing Hypnosis’ regularly and visualize my long term and immediate goals.
I have lots of determination. I have lots of energy. I am very energetic. I trust myself. I have strength, power and confidence! I like challenges. I believe in myself. I feel good about myself.
I am honest. I am sincere. I am organized. I think clearly. I am in complete control of myself. I accept responsibilities. I live up to the responsibilities I accept. I accept failures. I accept the rewards of my victories. I am very committed.
I am very well organized. I am efficient. I am in full control of my time. I get things done in time. I manage my time very well. I am always punctual.
I am very positive person. I am intelligent. I am quick and alert. I am a special person. I am always on the top of the world. My life is fantastic. I like people and people like to deal with me. I have the inner strength to do whatever I want. I do my best. I always get the best.
The way I think is the way I live. I am in control of what I think and how I think. I choose to think only those thoughts, which help me to achieve my goals. I have winning attitude. I am always in a winning direction.
Things are great in my life. I am an exceptional human being. I have the power to live my dreams. I believe in them like I believe in myself. And that belief is so strong that there is nothing that diminishes my undefeatable spirit.
Thanks and Regards,Jahabar Sadhik
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