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Angelina Jolie and a dead mouse

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(Falls on my writing this entry was the anniversary of the departure of President Alija Izetbegovic, may God have mercy on him.)

 "dead rat is more valuable than the body of a woman... It was these words to describe the woman severe disturbance cases of rape in the Congo a few months, reflecting the low level reached by the human rights violations and atrocities against women a time of war ... ". Margot Wallström - the Special Representative to the United Nations on sexual violence on women of the Congo October 2010.
Did not succeed actress Angelina Jolie - in awell directed by her experience - in demonstrating the feasibility of the idea of the new film; asked critics not to judge her new film before watching it, his name was leaked as the initial  "Untitled Bosnian War Love Story"  and his story is very romantic. And after he failed to justify them, returned to deny the story, and denies that historic films and documentaries, and confirm that it has nothing to do with politics. Why chose the director and actress distort history and play in the policy making of the Bosnian Muslim woman wearing a veil falls in love with a man from the Serbs raped? Then back to film director with crew to defend that they are not of this deviation to submit a film about a woman so crazy! and advise us - we do not understand in the cinema, she said - that the drama is different from historical documentation! Then asked Ms. Jolie interview Association of Bosnian women to clarify the purpose of claiming reassured of the film. Did not provide the full scenario on the pretext that he did not ask for them before. And this is making the Minister of Culture, Bosnian associations met and raped women of Bosnia, who unanimously agreed to reject the film, which does not respect their feelings, and refused to filming inside Bosnia. All these events made sure that everyone is suspicious to say Take me almost. I'm in my article I am not against the actress and her freedom, but I try to understand what is happening from what I read and what I know. For this I invite you to join me to read and to express an opinion.
Story, the truth of the film
I shall assume controversy they offer a film tells the story of a young woman from Bosnia on the morning of the war. So why are not provided by events like what happened, according to the reports of the United Nations? For example, the mother of the rape of her daughter Altaat or lost it? Why not offered in the girl with the fourteen-year-old and raped times until the hit of insanity and committed suicide, where hanged herself Baicarb on a tree. while her cousin and 12-year old took and are embracing their own game and she does not know their destiny and do not understand what will happen to them at this age even I shouted to the soldier, saying the Serbian does not take me I am only 12 years Zanp that he kill her. But the soldier was raped by Serb times proudly virginal that selects among his fellow Serb soldiers who helped him and enjoy the scene. Alice role will be more difficult than would be provided from a strange love affair is artificially?  our question of the logical and the historical woman Angelina: Do you think that one of the girls will fall in love with a Serbian soldier one day?
Bosnian film industry made the case are real and wonthe Golden Bear award in 2006 for a major film Ejrabavica which tells the story of rape or during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Chose filmmaker Iasmilla Jpani_ (31 years) that delve into the contemporary history of her country through the names of caring for her daughter Sarah alone in the neighborhood Ejrebavica. The relationship tension between mother and daughter, although Sarah does not know she is the daughter Serb raped and her mother for ten years in a detention, and believes she is the daughter hero of Bosnians killed in front. The director, after receiving the award she feels sad because there are hundreds of men who have committed crimes of rape, the Organization during the war has not been punished yet Sniathm.
I gift of a short play entitled Baby Sarajevo. And provide a gift of the Bosnian film director Ahmed Imamovich entitled Bridge Alija Izetbegovic and his ten minutes in Bosnia , which won the award for best short film in Europe in 2002.
Go back to film dead mouse
And from where those Muslim Ttarah Serb who raped her love and the special relationship? And how the Bosnian Muslim representative agree on that? Where and at any place in the world of women share love with the man who raped her? Angela Jolie has chosen to be a dead mouse and congratulate her failed role you are directed.
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How and why you Ms. Julie introduced the idea of a naive consumer, such as the theme of Romeo and Juliet who loved each other despite the fighting between the parents? I do not know what is the solution for this movie in particular. Is the solution documented comments in English, we send them? Do you comment on the news pages on this subject? Do you remain silent, despite the proliferation of news sites a lot of languages? And unfortunately, some have proposed, by urbanization and Western-style and abandon the creation of the Islamic at a time when we are trying to correct the image when filmmakers and writers and sites. What should we do? It may not concern us, were it not a single nation and that the film is a falsification of history. Not for the Secretariat, which we hold what we wrote characters.
Waited for the second part of a blog post entitled: Please watch out, Hollywood is due back!.

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The Organization of "Women of the victims of war," prompted the Bosnian authorities to cancel filming permission was granted for the film, because of what was published in the press that the Bosnian scenario talks about the love affair between a veiled Muslim and Serb executioner. And announced the president of the organization Bugerp Hasesic told AFP on Friday agreed to meet with Angelina Jolie, and said "We want to see what the scenario to see that it contains elements of history and visit the truth."
Two took her legs and raised them up in the air, while the third began raping her. People were silent, no one moved. She was screaming and yelling and begging them to stop. They put her a rag into her mouth, and then we were just hearing silent sobs coming from her closed lips. When they finished, the woman was left there
The story tells how SERBS have killed civils, old people and children! 10 MINUTA film Ahmeda Imamovica
Note the final scenes in the film may cause you a nuisance


Source : Record of a War Crime


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