Friday, October 29, 2010

Get your Masjid online with a novel web service

Get your Masjid online with a novel web service available exclusively to the Muslim community and it’s absolutely free…….! would be one of the biggest and first ever directory of Masjids in India. We believe that through emerging online media there is an opportunity to enhance awareness and knowledge, leading to a better understanding and peaceful coexistence in our rapidly shrinking global village. Internet has altered consensus-building among the Ummah. What used to take decades, even centuries to agree on has been accelerated by the Internet’s ability to give instant access to the teachings and thoughts of distant Islamic scholars and original texts. Practices, laws and beliefs once bound by geography are evolving into a mainstream Muslim identity; on Internet time. The internet has profoundly shaped how Muslims perceive Islam, and how Islamic societies and networks are evolving in the twenty-first century.
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"We love places of worship - their grandeur, their peacefulness, their architectural beauty. We especially admire mosques"
- Drsonnet Sonnet
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