Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Body ornaments

In Islam a moderate amount of body ornaments is allowed for women only. As for men it is said that their natural ornament, the beard, is sufficient. On the other hand the woman has a wide variety of materials to decorate herself with, as long as they are applied in moderation and not to show off. The aim of a woman to make herself beautiful should be for the benefit of her husband and not to attract the attention of others.

In the same line make ups for women may be allowed in moderation to enhance their beauty for their husband only. The husband, on the other hand, should not drive his wife to make a show of herself. Men as well as women should have a good conjugal relationship with their spouses and show good behaviour in assemblies and in public.

All in all Islam favours in the man his masculinity in his physique and his strength. And in the woman her feminine qualities in her beauty while being chaste.

Men are not allowed to wear gold but it is permitted for women. With the exception of a 4 gram (or less) silver ring any other metal in the form of jewellery -- chain, bracelet, etc – or other objects is forbidden to men but allowed for women. The silver ring is even a sunnah of the holy Prophet .

Men are not allowed to put henna (mehendi) on the hand, finger or nail, but it is allowed on the hair and the beard. Women, on the other hand, are not only permitted to elaborately use henna, it is also a sunnah of the wives of the Prophet . Also, silk clothing are forbidden to men but allowed for women.

All other ornaments used by women, like ear-rings and other body piercing objects, are forbidden to men. The bottom line is that men should not attempt to imitate women and conversely women should not do likewise, as regulated by Islamic ethics. Islam is a complete way of life; hence any transgression of the man/woman sexual divide may lead to homosexual tendencies and that is strictly forbidden.
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