Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recovery from a heart failure if CPR had been administered in time


Abu Dhabi UAE

We have heard many repeat stories that some one who experienced a severe heart failure had died within minutes after suffering such attack. Often we were told that there could have been equal chances of recovery from a heart failure if CPR had been administered to the patient in time when the heart ceased functioning to pump blood to all organs, especially to Brain.
Earlier versions of CPR that involved both compressing the chest and mouth to mouth respiration was too intimidating for many laymen to attempt when some body suffered a heart failure.
Recently, University of Arizona Medical School has revised the CPR that can be administered by any lay men and at the same time highly effective. Please see the video on the subject in the forwarded mail to learn about the process. Perhaps our ECHS after consulting the Cardiologists should provide demos to popularise the technique if it had been approved for universal practice by our medical fraternity. Modified CPR is NOT applicable for Children and Infants and also to victims of Drowning.

Please watch THE VIDEO and forward to your friends and family. You never know, a life may be saved utilizing this new procedure.
by mail from Farook Ali

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