Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ten-day International Peace Conference starts in Mumbai

Over 40 speakers to discuss international, social and political issues By TCN News
Mumbai: Mumbai plays host to the fourth edition of the Islamic Peace Conference - that is being attended by renowned scholars and academia from over India and several countries, including England, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, among others. The International Peace Conference will be a 10-day affair starting on Friday, October 22nd at Sion's Somaiya Grounds in Mumbai and will go on till Sunday, October 31st, 2010.
Organised by the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, the Islamic Peace Conference has had three successful editions since 2007. Over the years, the Conference has seen some of the most high profile scholars and international personalities attend and interact with the masses. Names such as Yassir Fazaga, Dr. Hussain H. Hassan (father of Islamic Banking), and Dr. Ahmad Turkistani have delivered lectures to an audience of over 25,000

The Peace Conference comes at the backdrop of the global concern among Muslims over relating all forms of terrorism to Islam and Jihad. The Peace Conference and its renowned speakers will address some of the burning issues that face the world, and attempt to explore and suggest solutions for global peace. It is expected to suggest solutions from within Islam to issues like "violence in the name of God", "Peace and Prosperity – Islam's goal for humanity", "Islam and Secularism", "Peaceful Co-existence", "Non-Muslims' Rights in Islam", "The two Extremes and the Middle Path".
The Peace Conference is a rare platform that will NOT have 'religious' leaders, but SCHOLARS and ACADEMICIANS deliberating on intellectual, yet practical, solutions to global issues affecting Islam. Hence, the Conference will not see passionate sermons being delivered by religious leaders, BUT well researched, academic and administrative solutions to communities and governments / administrations to implement.
One of the major attractions of the Conference is an exhibition of ‘Halal’ products from across the world. Halal products, among Muslims, are products made from ingredients allowed within the Islamic tenets. Worldwide, Halal products are majorly sold in Islamic economies and markets.
The Islamic Peace Conference is expected to attract lots of international focus and will see renowned speakers addressing the masses every day for 10 days. The organisers expect over 5 lakh visitors to attend the conference over the period.
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