Saturday, October 2, 2010

TOMORROW..There is NO Tomorrow for this MOTHER

you cannot know the feeling of who suffers until you live the same situation . 
All kinds of sadness and distress , its suffering .
Palestinians know and practice it very well .

Heart breaking scene.. Palestinian kid watching his mother die.. A poor boy lost his mother in Gaza.. She was killed by Israheil deference force .. Israheil doesn't care for anyone and their refuse to the UN decision is a clear evident.. is happinig in Gaza is a decrease on the humanity history.. Simply it is a true massacre..
اذا كان قلبك ضعيفا لاتفتح الفيديو .. يحتوى على مشاهد قويه داميه
If you have a weak heart DO NOT open this video.. it has strong scenes and not recommended for sensitive people..

MUSIC - Tomorrow - Salif Keita
Salif Keïta (born August 25, 1949) is an internationally recognized afro-pop singer-songwriter from Mali. He is unique not only because of his reputation as the Golden Voice of Africa, but because he is a direct descendant of the founder of... the Mali Empire, Sundiata Keita.

only tomorrow

Sajo jon te i fe,
Ousmane ko ka bi fe ka bi
fe koniete ka le te sigi
Sajo jon te i fe malienw

ko ko u bi fe ko u bi fe ko ni e te ko ulu te sigi
mogo ma taa folo kanaa

saya ma son nene ma an sayakera nene balidi

only tomorrow
Sajo see you tomorrow (refrain)

sajo jon te i fe Fatoumata

ko o ka bi fe ka bi fe kono ete ka le te sigi
Sajo jon te i fe BâOumou

ko ka bi fe ka bi fe ko ni ete ka le te sigi
mogomataa folo kanaa say mason nenema an mogo mataa folo kanaa
saya mason nenema an saya kera nenebali ye
tomorrow see you tomorrow,
sajo see you tomorrow

Humanitarian Global Social people gathering .. to support Palestinians, Palestine and its capital Jerusalem-القدس
The Palestinian Red Crescent Society serves much of the 1.5 million people in GAZA. A Palestinian woman, with her grandson, awaits much needed supplies from one of the distribution centers in the northern part of GAZA. March, 2009.

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