Sunday, March 7, 2010

About Rudhran

Dr.R.K.Rudhran   Chennai, India
i am an artist and a psychiatrist who is just starting this blog to get to know about blogging.
i am writing this second sentence after two years! i was blogging at ibibo which started more out of a socializing curiosity than sharing thoughts and writings.  ibibo was catering to a different group, and this blog was made to reach out to more people.
i have my obsessions, but did not have the compulsion to write till now. though Dr.Raguram made me open this account in 2006, it is actually my friends and comrades R and M who have really inspired me to write further, therefore does this actually begin in 2008, just as how a baby takes time to talk sometimes even two years after its birth.
this will not be a blotched autobiography. it will be an expression of my angst, which does not have a cathartic theatrical outlet. it will also be my expressions of wonder- for life is not always painful.
since some people want to know more about me, i am

Dr.R.K.Rudhran, born and living in Chennai,
PSYCHIATRIST by profession
Qualified in medicine and psychiatry from MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE.
Pioneered the use of drama in psychotherapy in India, 1986
Theatre person till 1994, that is till the Museum theatre went out of reach,
Written and directed 11 plays in Tamil which include Oedipus, Macbeth, Kafka’s Trial and Metamorphosis and stage adaptations of LaSaRa’s Apitha
Written & directed 4 documentaries on schizophrenia and one on mental health
Author of 14 books in Tamil -on psychology, psychiatry, philosophy and theatre
Artist and sculptor, self-taught -First group show at the age of 19, first solo show at the age of 31,Paintings and sculptures for many institutions.
Bilingual writer and speaker, on various socially relevant topics.And what else,
A concerned Indian
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