Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Child is special

Every Child is special: "
This post is dedicated for my friend Um Elbanat...

I will post other Arabic post on Autism in Egypt...A true story! coming soon

هذه التدوينة مهداة للصديقة أم البنات

فكل طفل مميز مهما كان

و قد قمت بكتابة قصة قصيرة حقيقية عن طفلة مصابة بالتوحد

سأقوم بنشرها عن قريب

(This entry is dedicated to a friend or girls

Every child no matter how distinguished

And may have written a short story about a real child infected with autism

I will post them soon

I received this film copy from a house officer doctor -Dr Mostafa- ,thanks a lot. I encourage all visitors to watch this high quality film.How medicine can be applied simply through art and media!

NB: House officers are junior recently graduated doctors, white coated masses usefull for....harmful for.....If you are a doctor you will know!

He has dyslexia !!!! but no one in his family or school knows!!!
How many kids in Arab world has neurological or any Psychiatric disorders. However, we do not know? We are dealing with them as different , idiot, bad, or naughty boys!!!

Scientific Background (from Wikipedia):

There are many definitions of the disorder called dyslexia but no consensus.
Early primary school-age children
  • Difficulty learning the alphabet
  • Difficulty with associating sounds with the letters that represent them (sound-symbol correspondence)
  • Difficulty identifying or generating rhyming words, or counting syllables in words (phonological awareness)
  • Difficulty segmenting words into individual sounds, or blending sounds to make words (phonemic awareness)
  • Difficulty with word retrieval or naming problems
  • Difficulty learning to decode words
  • Difficulty distinguishing between similar sounds in words; mixing up sounds in multisyllable words (auditory discrimination) (for example, 'aminal' for animal, 'bisghetti' for spaghetti)
Film interactive web site
To download
Source : http://shayunbiqalbi.blogspot.com/2010/01/every-child-is-special.html

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