Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patient with Rheumatic Heart Disease

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 Patient with Rheumatic Heart Disease:
MVD: MV leaflets are moderately thickened with diastolic dooming of the anterior mitral valve leaflet. Mild calcification. Mild sub-valvular thickening, along with sever posterior eccentric MR, and markedly dilated LA. MVA ~15 cm². Peak diastolic gradient ~30mmHg. Mean gradient is ~10 mmHg.
AVD: Mildly thickened and calcific trileaflet aortic valve. Estimated peak systolic gradient is 15 mmHg. Mild AR.
• Normal other cardiac valves morphology and flow apart from moderate TR.
• Normal LV internal dimensions. Good systolic function. EF ~ 63%.
• RV is normal in dimension and function. RVSP is~ 45mmHg.
• Normal pericardium.
• Intact IVS. IAS is intact and bowing to the right atrium.
• No echogenic intra-cardiac masses by TTE.
ALSO, The tricuspid valve is mildly thickened.

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Rheumatic heart disease is a complication of rheumatic fever in which the heart valves are damaged. By treating strep throat with penicillin or other antibiotics, doctors can usually stop acute rheumatic fever from developing.


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